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In order to disable your rivals and efficiently declare facility, service or products that are represented in the market by your business, there are many tools, but brevity, attractiveness and accessibility are the main features of video presentations. That type of marketing tool is gaining popularity because of better perception by the target audience of the visual data. An unusual script and vivid special effects are of interest also, complying the video.

The short video representation of yours is a clip of several seconds or few minutes in length which shows interesting goods, services or any idea with the help of attractive graphic images, concise text and corresponding audio sound. The result is a modern user finds something useful, so he is ready to give money for it.

What are the best credits of video use in business?

  1. The professional video presentation demonstrates the production, embarassing it from all sides, helping to see its advantages and benefits and placing emphasis on the best qualities.
  2. Even the most incomprehensible and complex products or services can be presented clearly and simply, without complicated explanations or the use of special terms.
  3. Correctly selected words and images influence the logic and emotions of users, arouses interest in the production, pushes to buy it or ask for a service.
  4. The video has a positive colour it is perceived easily and causes the client to trust the company and the single products that are represented.

With the help of that video, you can get new customers or expand the geography of your influation, increase your website conversion or simply declare yourself in the media space.

Arterium Corporation Presentation (example):


Where сan I use company video presentations?

There are a lot of options because video content is present in all spheres of public life. For the consumers through web, you can:

  • Place on your website a video presentation or publish it on your account on the marketpace for promotion and increase of its traffic.
  • Publish video presentations on their pages on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedn or some other media.
  • Post videos on your Youtube channel: if you give their creation a share of extravaganza, the number of views can be very high, which means that in the future you can monetize this way of communication with the targeted audience.
  • Mailing on e-mail or in social media is another way of placing your video calling card.

You can involve not only online resources, other means of advertising also suite as a place for publishing video presentations.

  • Use them for outdoor ads (Indoor video) in the windows of restaurants or on electronic billboards in your city or region.
  • TV ad is still relevant! Use the power of television to promote your business with a video presentation.
  • Exhibition booth and business conferences are another sufficient ways of distribution your products. So you can quickly and efficiently find business partners, suppliers or customers in a business environment.

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus Software Presentation (example):

What is the effectiveness of video presentation?

  1. Firstly, the data amount posted on a video of 1 minute is equal to the text of 2000 words. What will you do more willingly: will you read a text page or watch an interesting short video? Majority of the people will do the same.
  2. Secondly, the video describes the consumer the light sides of the product and denies his fears. Therefore, after viewing customers become more confident in their choice and more often place orders.
  3. 3. Thirdly, about 70% of users share interesting videos on the pages of social media. The more attractive and intrigue your video will be, the higher the chances of its distribution among potential buyers.

Capital Market Report (example):

Despite the fact that there are lots of solutions, manuals and apps for creating videos with your own hands in the web resources, this is not the best approach, especially if you have not previously engaged in such a thing. It is better to give the video presentation to the professionals, because the essence of its creation is not just shooting, but also drawing up a clear, logical and original plot, writing the text and script in seconds to meet the time frame and fully disclose the subject of your message at once. Add besides that video presentations can add originality and creativity using animation or special effects, the original author’s soundtrack or sound effects. All this and even more for you we can do in the video presentation maker studio Darvideo.

Our team are people who every day are inspired by their work and open up new horizons in creating short videos. We will not only implement the technical side of the issue, but also come up with a full-fledged scenario for you, based on the maximum data about your company or product, create a suitable shell for it and supplement it with all possible effects (animated video presentation for example) to increase the interest of the target audience.

A high-quality video will be an excellent material for your site. It will create a good impression of yours, present the production favourably and attract interested users to the site.

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