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The most simple, even primitive design decisions can sometimes lead to very unexpected results and bring it to the top. Choosing a specific example of such conciseness – then the best illustration is the whiteboard animation, which is often called Doodle Video.Whiteboard

What is a whiteboard video?

A whiteboard video is a digitally designed presentation or clip in which images arise from the designer’s hand drawn on a white board or background (that’s why it is called so). This product can speak about an idea or product by changing simple and accessible images for voice-over narration or soundtrack. The result is a very vivid, funny and attractive movie, from which neither adults nor children can usually take their eyes off.

Special tips of the whiteboard animation production

If the classical cartoon or animated clip is a storyline that is fully discovered by its tools and it seems neat and slick, the whiteboard animation video has its attractiveness in the vowing imperfection. The sketches are just in progress, appearing on the board step by step with the designer’s hand holding the pencil, and this non-standard motion describes the plot or the development of scenario even more obviously and expressively than the common cartooned video ever could.

whiteboar animation

Did you know that one of the US experts, an author Sunny Brown have spotted the doodle video effect on the audience – that’s some kind of neuro-linguistic programming, influencing our minds and making us bounded to the screen showing it.

White background, common art tools and some fantasy – that’s the way the whiteboard video production looks like at the glance. The reality of its producing is much more complex in fact.

The whiteboard videos in everyday life

The obvious fact, which suggests itself – in ads, no doubt. The advertising industry is constantly in development, and its developers are chasing for new solutions that are not boring to the public. And the conciseness of the whiteboard animation is actual. Therefore, whiteboard video services are in demand. They also wonderfully fulfill their role in:

And especially in the hands of this version of ads in such cases:

  • To explain ideas that are too complicated and boring to the common user;
  • For the new mobile apps presenting;
  • To advertise a brand or e-commerce;
  • For presentations of consulting products;
  • When creating music videos;
  • For movie promotions, music shows or for the entertainment industry as a whole in a video context.

whiteboard video

The privileges of the whiteboard video creator’s products

  1. They are just interesting. Simple original graphics will not leave anyone bored, especially in combination with a thoughtful scenario. You will certainly be able to put the attention of the public on you.
  2. Low cost. For an ordinary video – one of the lowest costs ever. The cost, respectively, is acceptable to most.
  3. Excellent perception. A shortened video timeline and drawn simply sketches are available and convey to the viewer all the necessary information clear

The whiteboard animation maker’s talent is to mesmerize the viewer to some extent, not to let him get tired or uncomfortable while watching.

How to find a whiteboard video maker and get the best doodle animation for your product.

Despite the obviously low cost compared to other means of graphic design, you should not make a deal with the first whiteboard video studio that you have found. As in all areas, in the whiteboard video there are both real professionals and impostors who will offer you low-quality video or do not meet your needs.

whiteboard darvideo

If you are interested in this type of animation and want to use it for the benefit of your business or just for fun, the best way out is to order services of the whiteboard animation company. We mean Darvideo –the experienced team of developers who has no borders or limits in their creativeness.

Working with us in hand you’ll have a great chance to put every of brilliant ideas of yours in reality with the simple toolkit designed especially for you. Step by step we’ll get the consensus and produce a really great work you’ll be proud of. Ordering the whiteboard animation services in Darvideo whiteboard animation studio you can explain us your needs and vision of the future video in a brief or just show us some references you adore to get the right direction of creative thinking. And our pros will take care of all other aspects of work.

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