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                              Whiteboard Animation & Doodle

                              Whiteboard Animation & Doodle

                              Whiteboard Animation & Doodle is one of the simplest ways to create an animated video. And yet, despite its simplicity, it is beyond a doubt one of the most effective techniques as well. What do we see in this type of animation? It is super easy to describe: You see the static image being drawn on the screen. Sometimes it appears to be only a picture; other times, the picture slowly shows up under the hand that draws it. There is also a narrative that, at the same time, emphasizes the essential moments of the particular video.

                              Why Whiteboard Animation & Doodle work

                              It is vital to know that the predecessor of this technique is one of the most important principles of animation – simple drawing. Back then, it was invented to enliven a character. Nowadays, whiteboard animation is suitable for any video – explainer videos in particular. If you want to show and explain a concept that might be hard to follow, whiteboard animation will simplify it to the core. It can bring life and a sense of fun to a potentially dull and boring subject. If you are looking for a video to accomplish this task, look no further than Whiteboard Animation & Doodle.

                              Augmented Reality Mural Animation Experience

                              “Darvideo Animation Studio provided animation services for a media production company. Darvideo Animation Studio produced new, unique, and groundbreaking content. Their workflow was very streamlined and they communicated well by providing regular updates. Darvideo are the perfect collaborators. It can be difficult to find teams that work this well, with clear communication and effective workflow. Darvideo are real talents that you can trust to deliver to your needs. The best workflow and communication, I have come across. Working in the creativity this is a big statement. I love their process to completing projects. I certainly would not look anywhere else for effective content.”

                              Watch the Augmented Reality Animation project, made for Perrell by Darvideo.

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                              How much does an Whiteboard Animation cost?

                              Every type of video has its hidden aspects that can affect the final cost. The price for whiteboard animation depends on the script, the process of creating the character, its duration, etc. The costs range from $2,000-$10,000. We can assure you that the project you’ll get from Darvideo production company will be beyond your expectations and well worth the investment you make.

                              How long does a Whiteboard Animation take to make?

                              To make a whiteboard animation, you have to go through 6 stages of production. Each step requires our whole team of creative professionals to be intimately involved in your project. Due to the efficient work of our team, we can create a whiteboard animation video for you in just 1 week.

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