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                              2d animated video

                              2d animated video

                              Let’s reveal the power of 2d animation in explainer videos. 2d animation is one of the most efficient tools for making a product of service demo.

                              Learn more about the hints of 2d animated videos, costs, production time and much more!

                              2d animation

                              2D animated video is a type of video produced with two-dimensional motion images in a digital environment. For example, it’s used to vividly express the essence of the brand in a user-friendly manner. This makes a stronger connection with clients and keeps them engaged longer. So they are dazzled by the production elements. Therefore, a 2D animated video created by a professional animated video studio can make a lasting effect for the viewers. Just because it explains the services that a client offers. 2D animated video is the perfect format to easily explain your business model in a clear and exciting manner. Use simple yet attention-grabbing animated videos to introduce the information. On the other hand, you will increase conversions. And what is even more importnt it will build a trustworthy relationship with your clients in no time.

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                              Why 2d animated video works?

                              Professional 2d animated video production studios know effective ways to attract clients. That is why they come up with fresh and innovative ideas. For the promotion of the brand it becomes a lot more thought-provoking. For instance, main characters in 2D animated videos can vary in complexity. They can be simple figures or more realistic sketches. To clarify they are free to abide by the guidelines set by the client and are meeting their exact needs. A 2D animated video explainer is the right choice if your company is striving to gain awareness and increase conversion rate. The simpler and clearer the picture, the easier the user will get the main message. As well as perform the call-to-action you want. To sum up, this method can be one of the best marketing tools for your business.

                              Explainer Animation Production for Design Agency

                              “We needed help with our storyboard and animation for an explainer video. The goal was to have a beautiful illustration and animation.
                              I liked their portfolio and the people I communicated with were responsive.
                              Darvideo Animation Studio created a storyboard for a script we had written, and then animated it. They were flexible with edits and the work was beautiful. I hope to collaborate with them again in the future.
                              Everyone we worked with was flexible, easy to communicate with, responsive, and totally reasonable at every step of the process.
                              The video is beautiful and we’re thrilled with the final product.
                              It was great—we got what we needed and they were pleasant to work with.”

                              Susan Harris
                              Creative Director, Fluent Studios

                              Examples of 2d animated videos

                              How much does 2d animated video cost

                              When you are planning your marketing campaign, the budget is one of the main issues. Lets consider, you have decided that a 2D animation video is right for you. Subsequently you need to take into account what you will get for your money. The average price of a 2D animation can range from $500 to $2000. In reality it depend on a raw of key animated video charectericstics. Also the impacting factor is video production complexity. The total cost includes the work of the whole animation studio team. Eventually, you get access to scriptwriters, designers, motion designers, voice-over artists, and more. 2D animation videos are a great way to maximize your conversion rate while staying within a reasonable budget.

                              Production time of 2d animated video

                              If you are short on time and looking to get a marketing campaign off the ground quickly, 2D video is the best possible option. An effective 2D explainer video can be produced generally anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. During this time we will be in constant contact with you. So you can supervise the entire process each step of the way. With years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers, Darvideo Animation Studio is confident that our three-stage plan will be perfect for the for whatever objective you are trying to reach. Our team of professionals will do everything possible to create the best 2D video to help you increase sales and increase brand awareness.

                              3 Reasons To Work With Darvideo

                              Our CEO, Yuriy, explains why you should choose Darvideo Animation Studio

                              Done sign animated video illustrationWe focus on your objectives

                              Every video creation focused on your business objectives.

                              OK sign animated video illustrationResearch & Insights

                              We make a research of your product. Thus we develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

                              Approved sign animated video illustrationOur battle-tested process

                              Prefectly developed 3-stage production pipeline.

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