How it works

Want your guide "How to boost your Sales with Animated explainer video"?

We care about your happy and comfortable feelings during the production process

We sign with you an agreement about production stages and revisions
We have 4 basic stages: Script writing, Storyboard and Style elaboration, Illustrations drawing, Animation making
You have 2 full working days for feedback on every stage
2 rounds of revisions on every stage
Project manager leads you from one stage to another

What will be happening on every stage?

1. Script
7 days
Our scriptwriter creates the text for voice over and describes the actions for each scene.
2. Storyboard and Style
6 days
Storyboard is white and black illustration of every scene. Style Frame shows you one of the scenes fully completed in color.
3. Illustrations and Sound
10 days
Our artists draw Illustrations – all characters, backgrounds and elements. On this stage, we also record voice over talent.
4. Animation
10 days
Animators liven all characters and graphics, compose video and sound track.

Average terms for a 60 sec project production:

3 weeks
4-5 weeks
6-10 weeks

Meet our team

For meeting our team and better understanding the magic, please watch the video:

Let’s get acquainted with our project managers


“Victoria is literally upbringing each animation. She always cares the most and demands each aspect to be done in a best possible fashion.”

  • Super organized
  • Remarkably consistent
  • Passionate to every detail
  • Kind and easy to talk with

“You can always rely on Maks. His opinion gives everyone much wider picture in each working issue, which helps to solve any doubt you have. “

  • 100% hardworking
  • Diplomatic and thoughtfull
  • Perfect multitask manager
  • Outstanding marketing skills

“Enthusiastic and passionate about supervising animated projects and client communication and always find time for everyone“

  • Self-motivated
  • Easy going
  • Keeps everything at her fingertips
  • Positive about life
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