Darvideo Animation Studio — Explainer Video Company

darvideo.tv — We work in animation since 2010 and still go on learning every day.

Darvideo Animation Studio — Explainer Video Company

We are Explainer Video Company and we create animated explainer videos to boost businesses and to help brands to communicate with clients and explain complicated ideas of their services and products with ease and fun.

We provide animated video solutions for brands all over the world: Explainer videos, Cartoons, Character Animation, Commercials, TV spots and promotional videos, Video infographics, 2d graphics and animation, flash animation. We also develop original ideas, write scripts and draw storyboards.

Why companies choose to work with us:

  1. We make a detailed schedule for every project before we start.
  2. We provide you with our step-by-step Animation Production guide.
  3. Our team is in a constant contact with you all the time, so you are updated daily stage by stage.
  4. We always do a reasonable number of revisions to keep you happy

We are especially passionate about character animation but make a variety of styles:

Our team is a Creative Director, Producers, CG Artists, Illustrators, 2D, Flash and Character Animators, Motion Designers, Graphic Composers, Project Managers, Sound Man and Music Composer. Among our team is Timur, Lead Animator with more than 18 years of animation experience and cartoon direction. He has made major cartoons and animation in the country. Moreover, all the animation basics and ideas are under his control.

We also possess great fresh minds in our team. Our young being Yuriy, who is crazy about animation and motion design, at the same time, possesses an endless passion for learning. Irina is the Lead Concept Artist, who come from a whole family of artists, painters, and sculptors. Even her grandfather :). She is amazingly enthusiastic about creating unique concepts for every new project.

Based in Kyiv, but Create Animation Worldwide!

Why to choose us:

  • Availability almost 24/7
  • We send you daily updates on your project
  • We show you what we really love
  • Every team member’s word matters
  • Brainstorming is essential in every project
  • We are young in minds and enthusiastic
  • Our approach is Win-Win
  • Strong English Knowledge and Easy Communication
  • We go an extra mile to deliver your project to the best of our abilities
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