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                              3D Animation – Simple

                              3D Animation is the most popular animation type in Animation. It is created by the movement of computer-generated objects in a three-dimensional space. Objects in 3D animation can be moved and rotated just like they are moved in real life. In computer animation, through the help of 3D computer graphics, a two-dimensional moving picture is created that shows three dimensions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that 3D animation is one of the most challenging disciplines in contemporary art.

                              We offer has three types of 3D Animation videos at our studio. These are Simple, Medium, and Custom 3D Animation. Simple 3D animation is made up of simple 3d objects. 3D objects or shapes can be defined as solid objects or shapes that have three dimensions, namely, length, width, and height. These objects have thickness or depth, unlike 2D objects. E.g., pan, house, car, etc. Additionally, simple 3D animation videos do not have any animated characters and the backgrounds are quite simple as well. The animation can simply contain either 3d infographics and/or texts. The following example of a simple animated video has a very plain background and the focus is on the infographics and texts.

                              Most of the animation will consist of abstract objects in an abstract universe. The key characteristic of this type of animation is in the fact that it is very minimal in all its aspects. The objects created in simple 3D animation are simple and have no textures. There is low digitalization of shapes and everything is situated in an abstract world.

                              To create a Simple 3D Animation specific knowledge about 3D models is required as well as an understanding of 3D animation software. Our team is also highly talented in storytelling, a technique that comes really handy when making animation videos. The 3D animation video below has no characters, just basic shapes and narration tying the story together.

                              3D Animation is used in many fields nowadays. The business and medicine industries are using simple 3D animations for presentations and marketing. Animation captures the audience’s attention in split seconds, and resultantly is an effective way of relaying boring information like numbers. You can find out more about the kind of video you need here https://darvideo.tv/brief/.

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