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                              Animation Producer

                              By analogy with a film producer, an animation producer is a specialist that plays the role of producer of the animated video. In general, animation producer acts as the mediator between the customer who ordered the creation of an animated film, discussing and transforming the original request and idea so that the final product would fully meet the expectations of a client.

                              Animation producer manages a group of creative people that are responsible for direct implementation of animated material. Besides that, such a specialist regulates production costs in accordance with the heads of video production services, while making sure that animated production crew has everything they need to create the ordered video material without any difficulties. In the end, an animation producer is obliged to provide high-quality production of a requested animated film. He/she also must guarantee that the requested material is actually made.

                              The work of animation producer mostly involves management and control over expenses, animation team and time of production, not the real execution of creative tasks. However, an animation producer may have a little knowledge of animation art, as it is vital to understand all the essential aspects of the implementation process. Without a certain extent of awareness, he/she would not be able to supervise the work of animation artists.

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