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                              The word “anticipation” has several meanings but in animation, it is an important term. Let’s figure out what it is.


                              Term refers to a brief moment of action that precedes the main action of an animated scene. Almost all real movements contain preparation for it – squatting before jumping, crouching down before running, swinging before throwing a stone, etc. This moment necessarily should be a part of an animated video. Therefore, if animators add an anticipation drawing to their works, the audience will be prepared for the main action in the scene. This would help to make the action appear more realistic. Moreover, the audience can always see everything clearly, so that they can foresee what is about to happen.

                              Illustration that explains the term Anticipation

                              Where anticipation needs to appear

                              Not every movement of character needs anticipation. Experienced animators used it before big and or fast action, but also to make the movements more fluid and readable.

                              Another way to use anticipation is to create comic effects. When it is a larger preparation, but a smaller movement.

                              Where else is the term anticipation used?

                              Anticipation is one of the 12 principles of animation. The same technique of anticipation is used in the theatre, cinema for the attraction of the audience’s attention.

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