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                              AR animation

                              What is AR animation?

                              Augmented reality (AR) according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as an enhanced version of reality, technologically created to overlay the digital information onto a live camera feed. In simple words, AR is a type of reality that is being technologically created to expand the reality that we are used to 🙂

                              We understand AR as a technology that lays computer-generated images over a user’s view. The view in the real world. Normally those images take shape as 3D models, as well as video pieces or information.

                              Don`t mix it with the VR by a mistake. As the last one is a total transporting to the different world, while AR is about just adding parts of it.

                              How does AR animation work in simple words?

                              Augmented reality needs conjunction with some types of gadgets tablets, smartphones, and even PCs. The devices themselves should contain software with sensors, so they can trigger digital displays onto physical objects for our eye.  The AR process uses a camera, so the “scanning mode” would be on. You’ll need to point the scanning camera at different objects in the room to create a database of shapes and corners.

                              How we can consume AR animation?

                              1. Devices

                              We can mention Google Glass that displays 2D images onto see-through glasses.

                              Microsoft’s HoloLens at the same time embeds 3D images into the world around you.

                              Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have produced many types of smart glasses before. But new concepts differ. Glasses should have transparent lenses and are relatively lightweight, so they will look like regular reading glasses.

                              2. Apps

                              We can mention apps like Blippar and Zappar that give us an affordable (yet not free) possibility of AR content creation for small businesses, education, and plenty more industries, and of course, AR features within existing smartphone apps and games, such as Snapchat and Pokémon Go.

                              Popular usage of AR today:

                              AR for the retail industry

                              Augmented reality is widely used in retail today, as it offers the clients a whole new experience and convenience level. Such industry leaders as Lacoste, Sephora, and GAP are actively using virtual fitting rooms.

                              AR for shops

                              IKEA’s AR showroom allows customers to see what furniture might look like in their homes. Seems great, huh? Moreover, these are convenient services for customers to try a product before buying.

                              AR for Manufacturers

                              Manufacturers сan replace Augmented Reality animation on labels and packaging of their goods. So as this wine company did.

                              AR at the social media

                              It’s not news anymore, that such apps as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok made augmented reality part of our daily lives with different masks and filters inside of their app. The most interesting part is that brands start using.

                              AR at Art sphere

                              Theaters and art centers felt the technology as well. Today, there is a kind of immersive theatre, where among the actors on the stage you can observe the AR objects.

                              AR on the streets

                              Literally, anything on the street can become your ads today. Just leave graffiti, or a poster outside with the information about your event or product and let the animators do the rest.

                              Check more:


                              Lars Mateo 01.10.2021 at 14:17

                              Modern technologies are very interesting. Too bad it didn’t happen when I was studying.

                              Adellin 17.08.2022 at 08:30

                              I find this type of animation very attractive for creating my brand ads

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