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                              The word Arc is in various parts of speech. It can be an adjective, a noun, a verb, and even an abbreviation. Before we see that, what is Arc in animation? The animation has twelve principles. Among them, one of the most paramount is the Arc.

                              Definition of Arc in Animation

                              The Arc is simply the optical path of an object or an action.

                              Full Definition

                              Arc is the movement in circular paths.

                              Human beings do not move in one straight direction. They move in arcs. In the same way, the arc technique is to help animation create that illusion of movement — for example, the bouncing of the ball, as shown in the illustration below.

                              Illustration-explanation of the technique of the arc

                              Where is The Arc Mostly Used?

                              Considering that animation is a fundamental principle, animators use animators to create a realistic movement. Without arcs, the animation will look stiff and mechanical. His Arc aims to add an illusion of life to an animation character that is in action.

                              Animators have to be skilled and knowledgeable on arcs because the speed and timing of an angle are very critical. If an arc is too fast, it may blur to a point it is not recognizable, and if it is too slow, it may look mechanical.

                              A good example of animation from history is The Road Runner. The movement of the coyote looks natural. In the modern-day, a good example is from Princess, and the Frog, Tiana in some scenes, shows very fluid movement that looks as though it is accurate.

                              Using the arc technique in "The Road Runner"

                              What Other Places is the Term Arc used?

                              The term arc has many uses. As mentioned earlier, it is practical in many parts of speech. We have mostly met it in Maths during Geometric topics such as trigonometry. It is also an abbreviation for so many terms. One example is the American red cross.

                              There are many alternative meanings of the Arc. Another is the noun meaning that is used in Geography and Astronomy. It says that the Arc is the path that is below and above celestial bodies such as the sun. From the look of things, animators must have derived the term arc from this meaning.

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