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                              Art director

                              Art Directors play an important part in the Animation cycle. They are responsible for a lot of things but generally are in charge of visually artistic elements present in a production process. This could be a film, cartoon, play, or anything else where visual effects are required. Art directors set the basis of how the art department as a whole will work. They decide how the characters, backgrounds, and other elements in the animation will look visually.

                              Who is the Art Director - definition and explanation

                              Art Directors take important decisions after reading the script and consulting with the director to fully understand and grasp each and every aspect of the script. They will then decide the design, mood, tones, and color palettes of the script as well. They are responsible for what the final on-screen image will look like. Mostly art directors produce 2D designs and images, even when the final project is a 3D film. These images are then showcased to directors, producers, and sometimes even investors before the final projects are created.

                              The work of the Art Director. Darvideo studio dictionary

                              It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Art Directors are involved till the end of the project right to its release. They act as supervisors to other artists including modelers, background designers, graphic designers, and character designers. This job involves tons of communicating with people and also involves management of all the skills that are being utilized for the project. They need to make sure that all artwork is of high quality and aligns with the director’s vision for the video. Producing work on a proper schedule whilst staying within the budget is part of their job description. Many times, they are hired as freelancers working from one project to another. Darvideo can provide you with highly skilled and fully trained Art Directors. They will help you by producing a unique design concept suited to your needs that will blow the minds of your customers. You can contact our studio here https://darvideo.tv/contacts/.

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