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                              A cartoon is a kind of motion picture compiled from a series of hand-drawn images, photos of objects, or computer graphics. The illusion of movement is created in a cartoon by means of introducing slight progressive changes in each next shot and quick change of the sequence. The original meaning of the term referred to the full-size fine art such as frescos or tapestry. Best cartoons of those times were created by such immortal geniuses as Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael.

                              By the 19th century, the meaning shifted to pictorial parodies in a humorous or satirical form (though the Protestant Reformists used the first instances of such cartoons in Germany of the 1500s). This type of cartoon came to be known as editorial cartoons or political cartoons, and their purpose was to deliver some political or social message in a mock form.

                              Today cartoons are mostly understood as animated cartoons in the film; these are animated pieces drawn by hand or created with the help of computer-generated images. Though the classical interpretation of a cartoon is that of an animated movie for children, modern animation has transcended the age limitations, and more and more adults watch cartoons as well.

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