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                              E-Learning Video

                              E-learning is commonplace today; it has risen in popularity in the past decade due to greater availability of computer technology and Internet connection. So now any person with some gadget, be it a PC or a smartphone can join the global classroom. Videos are a crucial component of e-learning because this mode of instruction is deprived of personal communication, so much educational material is delivered in the form of instructional videos, workshops, and tutorials.

                              In simplest terms, an e-learning video is any type of video produced with the purpose of educating students on some subject. It may come in various kinds and forms; for instance, simulations and branches scenarios, practical workshops, tech tutorials, and course lectures are all considered e-learning videos. For the e-learning videos to be efficient, experts advise making them tied to specific deliverables (one concept in one video to avoid a cognitive overload of students), compressed for mobile-friendly viewing, and edited on high-quality software to enhance their comprehension by viewers.

                              The most popular and effective e-learning video shows skills in action because distance learning deprives students of physical practice in a classroom. With the addition of interactive elements and texts making videos story-centered, the teacher may achieve excellent student comprehension and progress.

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