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                              Layer in 3D animation

                              Layer in 3D animation

                              Animators use animation layers to create and blend multiple levels of animation. They do this so that they don’t overwrite the original curves by adding new animations on top. It is having different types of animations lined up alongside one another for added effects in a scene.

                              Animation layers allow the animator to control how some aspects of your scene change over time. There are two types you can create: Additive Layers and Override Layers.

                              Additive animations are not usable by themselves, as the artist needs to add them onto another animation for them to work. Additive animations must also include the values of each individual frame from other additive functions so that we can get a clear picture of what is going on under the hood when multiple elements change their positions simultaneously.

                              When in Override mode, an animation layer overrides the animation of any other layers that share attributes and precede it on the timeline.

                              An example would be creating some minor background movement while animating an object/person as the main focal point within a frame (or vice versa).

                              Animation layers let us do this through their ability to allow keyframe animation at several points along any given curve’s timeline without affecting other objects’ movements or how they interact together throughout the project.

                              How to create a layer in 3D Animation

                              It’s like you’re adding another dimension to your layers! 3D Layers gain Position (z), Anchor Point (z), Scale, Orientation, X Rotation, Y Rotation Z Rotation, and Material Options. You can use these properties for various tasks, such as creating shadows or controlling the material of a layer within After Effects.

                              To create a new layer, click the “new layer” button at the bottom of your timeline. You can also right-click or control+click on any existing layers in your timeline and select “insert a layer”.

                              Where animators use layers in 3D animation

                              Animation layers are a great way to create and blend multiple levels of animation in one scene. You can create layers for new keyframe animations or animate on top without overwriting the original curves.

                              Animators use it in almost all 3D motion animation pieces.

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