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                              Loop-able GIF animation

                              Loop-able GIF animation

                              What is Loop-able GIF animation?

                              An animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a GIF that consists of multiple images or “frames” that are played repeatedly as if they are on a loop. Hence, it is called a Loop-able GIF animation. To create the visual effects of an infinite playback loop, the first and the last frames of an image are seamlessly aligned.

                              An animated GIF can loop repeatedly or a set number of times. These GIFs are played in web browsers and look like short animated clips or movies. The GIF file format supports a Graphics Control Extension (or “GCE block”). With the help of GCE, a single GIF file can store multiple frames. Netscape Application Block (NAB), is another section that allows you to specify how many times an animation can be repeated.

                              At the beginning of the Web, animated GIFs became quite popular for displaying motion. Now, they are most commonly used for advertisements, such as banners and leaderboards. The best thing about GIFs is they are supported by all platforms, unlike other animation styles like Flash Animations which are not supported by Apple’s iOS. Loop-able GIF Animations are used widely in memes and reactions. They are a great medium for adding humor into content with the use of witty captions. Chances are that the audience will tend to read website content more if it’s funny.

                              However, GIFs are not only used for memes but are also used widely in 3D product illustrations. Adding a GIF of your product being used to help customers see things better is a great example of this animation style being used. GIFs are also a great choice for the “How-To?” section of websites. They can be used to guide people in public awareness campaigns. For example, in this Covid-19 stricken world, you can use a GIF effectively to show people how to correctly wear a mask.

                              Loop-able GIF animation | Covid-19Source: Giphy website

                              Instead of using boring images and texts, GIFs draw more attention and explain phenomena or processes like ‘casting a vote’ to the viewer better. In this fast-paced world, people rarely stop to read paragraphs explaining things, hence GIFs can help curb that issue.

                              Loop-able GIF animationSource: Giphy website

                              Additionally, Businesses can use GIFs to market sales promotions because of their flashy nature. App Developers use GIFS to demonstrate how their app works. GIFs can also be used in your Emails, Facebook comments section, and Twitter profile pictures to make things more interesting. Darvideo has a team dedicated to making GIFs, and you can contact us here, for getting GIFs specially created for your needs here.

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