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                              Lottie animation

                              Lottie animation

                               What is Lottie’s animation?

                              A Lottie is a digital library that allows apps to use Adobe After Effects animations in real-time. It is based on a .json animation file format that is exported with the help of the plugin Bodymovin. Animators can export animations to any platform using this file format.

                              Lottie Animations have been created by Airbnb Design and they can be used on the web and mobile. They allow animators to quickly export good quality animations, by making them smoother, easier to download, and manageable. These are small-sized files that can work on any device. They can also be easily scaled up or down without pixelating. This is because this animation style is dependent on code describing moving vectors.

                              With the use of features like Joysticks ‘n Sliders and Duik from Adobe After Effects, Lottie Animation is created. This animation technique is widely used for creating character animations. One of the biggest advantages of Lottie files is that they are supported by all platforms iOS, Web, Android, and React Native and you don’t need any modification for it either.

                              Lottie animation | Darvideo blogIllustration by Cub Studio

                              Lottie Animation is also used in the creation of Emojis and Stickers. This is because Lottie saves up on a large amount of bandwidth by working with data instead of files. The Simple UI elements of Lottie make it ideal for icons. As Lottie does not lose resolution even when it’s small in size and its frame rate remains crystal clear, it means that your designed icons will remain crystal clear. This is why they can be extremely helpful for a business that wants to create contact icons like Facebook and Instagram or create business logos.

                              Lottie animation | Darvideo dictionarySource: Giphy website

                              In addition to that, various websites use Lottie Animations simply because you can bring tons of colors, animations, and transitions to the site without slowing it down. It helps in keeping the viewer drawn to the site. Furthermore, if you are interested in recording data science and statistical applications, then Lottie-powered interfaces are a great tool for them too. You can enter real-time data directly onto the Lottie animations and hence can show neat transactions across data sets. These data sets can be simple things like the weather of the day to complex data like the financial ups and downs of a stock market. A big chunk of the work created at Darvideo makes use of Lottie Animations. You can find out more about our work by contacting us here.

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