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                              Medium 2d animation

                              Before moving onto Medium 2D Animation, we must familiarize ourselves with 2D shapes. A 2D shape is a two-dimensional shape with no depth. It does however have length and width. This means that 2D shapes have a specific area, but no volume and lie on a flat surface. In a Medium 2D Animation all the various aspects of the video including objects, icons, characters, and background are presented in two-dimensional space.

                              In this type of Animation, we build characters that can relay emotional stories more convincingly. These characters are built on a flat design. The characters in a Medium 2D Animation can be shown participating in projects, using a service, or you can also use them to show how a product is to be used, etc. The best part about this type of animation design is that the characters can display sentiments and have reactions to different stimuli. The characters can be funny, can make conversations, interact with other characters, and take all the other complicated actions.

                              The background in a Medium 2D Animation is more detailed and complicated. It has more texture and more objects that depict the depth of the story. You’ll most likely find things like furniture for example a chair, or a table, or various types of landscapes including sun, clouds, and rain, portrayed in the background of a Medium 2D Animation. This is a way for us to add more detail and convey more information about the characters and their unique situations. The specific lights and brightness chosen in the animated video will also let the viewer know about the time of the day.

                              Medium 2D Animation comes quite handy in the Animation world as you can cover all the different types of situations you want to using it. This type of Animation is most widely preferred by our customers at Darvideo because they can use these animated videos to tell character stories about the various products or services they have to offer.

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