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                              Motion Graphics

                              Motion graphics is another name for the animated graphic design. As its name suggests, this type of animation relies mostly on the graphic component, i.e., text. It traditionally combines the digital footage or animation set in motion with a variety of graphic effects. The most outstanding sample of motion graphics is the intro of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, title sequences of The Man with the Golden ArmVertigo, and Anatomy of a Murder in which Saul Bass managed to achieve a unique combination of sound, motion, and graphic design elements. The purpose of motion graphics use in video content is to add depth and use a supplemental way of rendering a message to the viewer.

                              There is still a vague line between motion graphics and full-scale animation, with most experts agreeing that the specific areas for motion graphics use are film, TV, video, and interactive applications for commercial purposes. Motion graphics is regarded as a distinct animation genre at the crossroads of animation and graphic design. It is purpose-driven and relies on animated text and graphics for communication of a specific (mostly commercial message). Moreover, its distinction from animation is that the former is not story- or character-driven, primarily focusing on some logo or concept of abstract nature, thus being image-driven.

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