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                              Project Manager

                              Project Manager

                              When starting any new project, senior management determines who is responsible for the planning and organization of work. This person is usually the project manager.

                              The project manager is empowered with the appropriate authority by the investor, customer or general contractor. Such a specialist manages all phases and processes, including coordination and control of any actions of the participants. Naturally, the project manager has full responsibility for project control. Usually, the company enters into a contract with this specialist, which spelled out the main functions, duties, responsibilities and, of course, the payment system. It is also possible to entrust the responsibilities of the project manager to the company’s own professional.

                              The project manager makes efforts to create favorable conditions for the implementation of the project tasks within the agreed time and without exceeding the budget. To make the project successful, the project supervisor ensures:

                              • Solving problems arising in the project.
                              • Defining roles and responsibilities in the project for all involved team members.
                              • Developing, approving and timely updating of the project plan.
                              • Monitoring the progress of the project, forecasting deviations and taking prompt measures to eliminate them.
                              • Coordinating communication between all project participants and its stakeholders.
                              • Controlling any changes in the project.
                              • Performing analysis of project phases and post-project review.

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