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                              What is a Script

                              A Script refers to the written story of a film or animation which includes producing all the dialogues, detailing the sound effects and the background score, and generating the staging and action.


                              Scriptwriting is often referred to as Screenwriting and it details each and every aspect of the film. This also includes but is not limited to the transitions that take place between one scene and another and prop descriptions. Script dictates when a character will appear on the screen, how they’ll look, what and when they’ll execute a dialogue, and how the background will look like.


                              The script happens to be the foremost component that communicates the plot of the animation and the first thing the cast, crew, directors, and producers look at when deciding if they are interested in working on a project or not. Think about your favorite film or animated movie that broke cinematic records, there are high chances that that was because of a well-written script.

                              An eloquent script is what attracts potential production houses or directors towards the idea. Unfortunately, not everyone can write a script or become a scriptwriter. You need to have superior command over script-specific writing skills as it requires your writing to be extremely detailed and descriptive. This is why this element of pre-production holds a lot of importance. It also helps in figuring out major plot holes or character flaws early on in the production process.


                              Animation studios when producing videos rely solely on scriptwriting in the beginning. Although script might not be that significant in short animation projects, however, it still is an extensive exercise that has to be delivered. It allows all the chief aspects of the project like ideas, scenes and other major character details to be noted. The Script is then converted into storyboards which visually translate how the plot will look like on the screen.

                              In broadest terms, a script means any content in the written form. Its name derives from the Latin word scriber, which means “to write.” Thus, in the modern language, a script is understood as a written instruction; it is widely used in the movies, games, and theater plays. Students also use scripts for speeches and presentations. The value of a script is that it contains all details about what has to be said, by whom, with what intonation and accompanying gestures, the background sound and length of pauses to be taken by actors in dialogues, and other small details that result in the creation of a complete multidimensional multimedia product. Game scripts are also written to specify the dialogues of game characters, the background music and special effects enacted by certain player actions.

                              Another meanings for Script

                              Another meaning of the term ‘script’ is related to the area of programming and means programs or sequences of instructions that may be used by a program other than the computer processor to perform a set of commands. Moreover, some programming languages (e.g., Perl, REXX, JS, etc.) are referred to as script languages. They are simpler and faster for coding because the programmers may use pre-written scripts as a part of their coding process. Computer scripts are also used by multimedia development programs as a predetermined sequence of files, e.g., images or sounds. The programs are thus instructed about the timing of each multimedia presentation, the interaction of multimedia components, and other specifics for the smooth running of the content.

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