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                              Simple 2D animation

                              Before moving onto Simple 2D Animation, we must familiarize ourselves with 2D shapes. A 2D shape is a two-dimensional shape with no depth. It does however have length and width. This means that 2D shapes have a specific area, but no volume and lie on a flat surface. In a Simple 2D Animation all the various aspects of the video including objects, icons, characters, and background are presented in two-dimensional space.

                              Simple 2D Animation consists of videos that make use of infographics and simple words 99% of the time. The designs and graphics used in Simple 2D Animation videos are very minimalistic. If we talk about the background then that is also usually very simple persisting only of single-color backgrounds or gradient backgrounds. You will not find a lot of involvement of colors especially in the backgrounds of Simple 2D Animation videos.

                              As the name suggests Simple 2D Animation relies on simple animation and basic graphics precisely. These videos don’t have a lot of complicated graphics and intricate animations being used in them. Additionally, the animations used in Simple 2D Animation are not detailed, meaning that they don’t focus on character designs that much. The characters represented in this type of animation will be really simple and will hardly be making any sort of complex movements. Furthermore, the characters will not dance, talk, sing, or make any such complicated actions.

                              Simple 2D Animations tend to look like high-level-presentations, simply because of how plain they are. This is why they are a good option to use while representing important facts, graphs, topographies, and figures. You can use them to show texts and objects coming in and out and depict minimalistic but vital information.

                              Simple 2D Animations can also consist of icons and objects and are mostly needed by clients that need something fast and simple. They can also be utilized in places where you don’t need to depict a story through animation, hence people attending conferences and business events will find Simple 2D Animations to be more helpful in the representation of their data.

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                              Glen Terrichs 03.01.2022 at 03:56

                              Not bad. But custom 2D animation is still better.

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