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                              Sound Design

                              Visual content is often enhanced with sound, and the sound part of any multimedia product is created via sound design. This aspect of technical production involves the creation of soundscape for films, games, and other media products. Sound design is applied to create the sound that cannot be recorded in a natural setting and does not exist yet. Thus, the creation of an intended sound sequence is a creative job performed by sound designers since imagining how certain things should sound requires a great deal of imagination.

                              Creation of realistic, believable sound design and captivating sound effects is a cumbersome task because it requires the choice of proper basic material from a sound library. Some sounds may be generated by means of several sounds’ layering on the synthesizer and experimenting with the resulting sound in the professional editing software. Most modern sound effects designed in professional studios (like, for example, the voices of WALL-E or Star Wars aircraft flying) by means of mixing and layering hundreds of smaller sounds to create the intended sound effect that the designer and director wish to achieve. The resulting sounds are produced with the implementation of oscillators, filters, and additional digital tools to let the animated character sound exactly the way it is imagined.

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