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                              Startup Video: Dictionary

                              The startup video is a kind of media content that informs the audience about a particular business venture, its mission, goals, and business processes. The purpose of such a video is to explain the business ideas standing behind that venture and to attract potential clients to it. The major features of such a video are short duration, explanation of the business specifics in a simple and persuasive way, and presentation of the business startup in a positive manner. Startup videos usually take less than 90 seconds and include the components of WHAT (the industry in which the company specializes and what products or services it renders), HOW (the ways in which it may help customers better than a number of its competitors), and WHY (why this startup is the best vendor of the service, and the client should choose it among the multitude of offers in the market).

                              Most startup videos are simple and engaging, colorful and focused. The principles of visual design of such videos work in such a way that emphasizes the brand identity and leverages the power of visual learning. The startups enhance their online visibility with clear, memorable videos and boost brand awareness in record time. Other benefits of a startup video include its power to increase conversions and sales, to gain shareability, and to encourage the viewers to take action.

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