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                              Storyboard creation process


                              In the animation process, Storyboards are created after you have theorized your idea and written a script. Storyboards are essentially visualizations of the script through drawings and act as visual guidelines throughout the whole animation production process.

                              Storyboard creation process. Dictionary

                              Storyboards are different from final illustrations and graphics and are just images to help conceptualize the final product better. They will have the same sequence as that of the specific script. All the information that is to be projected on the screen for the viewer and whatever the audience will hear, is all present on the Storyboards. They also include all the other technical information like camera positioning, transitions, visual effects, etc. regarding the scenes.

                              How to create a project storyboard?

                              Before drawing a Storyboard, the storyboard artists weigh the particular specifications of the script against the available resources. They also come up with a schedule and deadline for the process before actually getting down to creating the Storyboard. After the storyboard is drawn, the whole team goes through it in detail to see if it needs any changes. If there are any major revisions required, the draft is updated and the necessary changes are made. The team still keeps the previous versions saved, in case there’s a need to match the two drafts later on and see which works better.

                              Storyboard to Jurupa HR Video for JurupaStoryboard to Jurupa HR Video for Jurupa

                              Storyboard artists use basic sketches while drawing the storyboards. As technology has started to play a bigger role in the entertainment industry, artists now take help from various software and digital art tools. Some artists even use color palettes depending on the requirement of the script and the decision of the production team, while others just draw outlines.

                              What is its purpose

                              Storyboards are a great way of showcasing or coming up with the story or script instead of writing it down in a typical manner. Many animators skip the scriptwriting phase and just start drafting the storyboard for a faster approach. The main aim of creating a storyboard is to see how the script will be conveyed visually and also get it as close as possible to the final 3D animation.

                              Storyboard for For Special You Promo VideoStoryboard for For Special You Promo Video

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