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                              Style Frame

                              Style frames are produced at the stage of animation script production; they represent full-color pictures visualizing main scenes of the planned video. These frames are necessary for the client to select the preferred style of the entire video, game, or animation piece. It is widely known that the color choices can alter the viewers’ perception of the multimedia tremendously; lighter and muted colors create the sense of serenity and comfort, while darker and brighter colors cause agitation and look more aggressive. Style frames are thus produced to enable the client to choose the style and intended impression for the animated video’s creation in compliance with their demands and expectations.

                              Animation studios usually create 3-4 distinct style frames for the clients to pick the appropriate visual imagery at the very start of the production process and to obtain a clearer idea of the end product they will receive. Style frames are highly helpful in the production because they show to the client whether artists captured their idea correctly; moreover, style frame creation is the final production stage before the actual animation begins, and their approval is a crucial step ensuring that the animation process will be done smoothly and without significant changes.

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