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                              Tone of voice

                              What is a Tone of voice today?

                              In the variety of information that each and every one of us lives on, there is an important thing that helps – our attention. The Tone of voice today is exactly something that will help the brand to:

                              1. Sound
                              2. Stand out
                              3. Grab viewers attention

                              So, let’s come up with the definition. The tone of voice of a brand consists of things that broadcast the hidden information about your brand with or without you knowing about that. In other words, the tone of voice is how you speak about your brand without even speaking about it.

                              What can broadcast the information and how is it useful?

                              Firstly, that’s about the visual part. Now, with Generation Z you have only 1.8 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. And from the first seconds, your viewer/reader needs to know and remember that it is you, so he or she could acknowledge you the other time. Colors, stylistic, mood, fonts, dynamic – those are your friends here.

                              Secondly, it’s about what you are speaking, but not how.

                              Creative copywriting is the king today.

                              So, what will be the questions to answer to build a strong tone of voice?

                              For a fresh start think about your attitude toward the audience. Even if your goal is to sound friendly, that could be a friendly-as-a-teacher or friendly-as-a-college. Or, friendly-as-a-pal. It matters!

                              The next thing to think about is your company’s set of values.

                              Third, what kind of problem are you trying to address? What issue do you aim to solve? Speak about that! 

                              Here are some great examples of a Tone of voice in an animated video created by Darvideo Animation Studio

                              1. Tradition, experience, and taste for TERRAINITIA – wine company.

                              2. Sharp, catchy, and bright animation for a Social Project.

                              Check more:


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