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                              What is Typography?

                              Typography is the art of design with the help of typesetting (not drawn) text, based on certain rules inherent in a particular language, by typing and typesetting. Typography, on the one hand, is one of the branches of graphic design, on the other – a set of strict rules that determine the use of fonts in order to create the most understandable text for the reader.

                              Typography in web design is a set of rules for formatting text and graphic elements of the site, which carries a certain message, affects emotions and motivates the visitor to commit targeted actions. Depending on the direction of the website, these actions can be different: subscribe to the newsletter, read more articles, leave comments, make purchases. Thus, typography goes hand in hand with a selling design.

                              Typography is also the science of text ergonomics, designed to make the text as easy as possible to read and perceived by the reader. To do this, the  the balance of text and graphic elements must be observed.

                              Purposes of typography, the most creative phase of the text design, are as follows:

                              • To define parameters for subsequent typing, typesetting, and prepress processes.
                              • To help transmit emotions, moods, attitudes conceived by the author, involving in reading and learning.
                              • To model the type and form of contact of the audience with the object of author and design creativity.
                              • To make the text the most optimal and comprehensible, providing maximum of its readability.
                              • To make the text captivating in the reader’s perception, spectacular and harmonious in the overall structure of communication.

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