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                              Voice Over

                              Voice Over or VO

                              Voice Over is part of almost every piece of today’s videos. Modern media content consists of video and audio material. While producers usually don’t record them both simultaneously.

                              The definition

                              Soundmen prepare video content and audio separately, with later addition of the sound sequence to the relevant video sequence. This is a voice over.

                              In other words, voice recording also referred to as off-camera/off-stage commentary. It is a distinct production technique involving the addition of pre-recorded sound to media pieces. And for the recording individuals read a special document – a script. In other cases they speak with other people to create dialogues. To make video products feel live talents record dialogues synchronously. As well as asynchronously, depending on the purpose and approach. Later a sound engineer edits the track to create a fully fitted accompanying sound.

                              Where do you use a voice over?

                              Film makers and animation producers use voiceovers in films and animated cartoons, games, on-hold messages etc. Also companies record them for automatically repeated audio announcement. The voice over technique is broadly used to give voices of celebrities to the animated characters. The style and tone often shapes their distinct personalities. VO gives a creative power to make videos sound with human voices in a certain manner. For example like the omnipresent narrator, the sound of a character’s thoughts, etc. Educational and descriptive voice over is typical for TV news and live sports broadcasts. While the commercial VO is a traditional feature of ads that display certain video content and an accompanying commercial audio message. Moreover, voice narrating is popular for the dubbing and revoicing of media content in several languages. Some more info about the VO can be found on wiki too.

                              It is always significant to find a nice sounding for your video. By the way you can pick and listen to voice-over talents samples here.

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