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                              Whiteboard Animation: Dictionary

                              What us Whiteboard Animation (or Doodle Animation)

                              Whiteboard animation is the type of animation using a white board as the background for the animated story. It is a highly popular type of educational and commercial videos because of its simplicity and easy comprehensibility combined with a vast potential for creativity. At present, businesses apply whiteboard animation as an innovative and user-friendly way to narrate their stories, explain complex business ideas and processes, to provide solutions and visualize planning, to share guidelines and applications, etc.

                              In technical terms, whiteboard animation represents a set of characters, graphics, or text written or drawn by a visible (or invisible) hand on the whiteboard. The visual narrative unfolds as the viewer watches the video. Due to its simplicity and engaging nature, whiteboard videos are highly popular for advertising and marketing products, for educating the clients on some complex business concepts, and for delivering educational content of a broad spectrum. Moreover, if the script of the whiteboard animation is professionally crafted, such videos are attention-grabbing and memorable. Simple pictures do not overload the viewer’s cognition, so the audience much better retains the minimum of visual content combined with a concise business idea or message.

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