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10 best Animated Explainer Companies Overview

The digital world is always increasing. This fact inspires and stimulates small and big businesses to use video marketing to explain and to present their message to a targeted audience.

How about this fact: did you know that video is expected to comprise 80% of web traffic by 2021? These numbers are huge and their meaning is incredibly deep and simple at the same time. If you are planning to grow your own business, if you are planning to enlarge its boundaries, if you are willing to increase your conversion rate to a highest possible level – explainer videos can be an effective digital tool to attract your clients and to become close with them and to boost your sales as a result.

An animated explainer video – is a company’s elevator pitch for its products or services. In order to make a highly professional video – you are to collaborate with the best studios who know everything about production and know-how to “pack” your service or product on the best possible terms with the best quality.

You have realized the importance of animated videos now – this is great. This is the first step to your digital breakthrough. But where to go? What studio to choose? Stay calm and read our article to the end as we have described TOP 10 best studios that can help you to make the best-animated explainer video for your company.

Let’s have a closer look at each Studio.

1. Darvideo Animation Studio

Darvideo Explainer Video Company specializes in creating animated explainer videos was founded in 2014 and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their key advantage is that every video is aimed to boost the company’s sales and to help brands communicate with clients. Even the most complicated ideas can be easily explained in animated videos. Guys are professionals in animation production as well as in the client’s communication. To be closer and transparent to a client – there is a comfortable three-stage animation pipeline which is clear and simple for every client. Fast and simple communication and feedback ensure the production of a high-quality animated explainer video that will boost sales and takes the client’s brand, company or product to another level.

Darvideo Animation Studio makes animated videos for numerous countries all over the world: explainer videos, cartoons, character animation, commercials, TV spots, presentation video, video infographics, 2d graphics and animation and flash animation. A full in-house team will collaborate with you on every stage, and will assist with all issues and questions.

The production process includes development of original ideas for your videos, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, animation and multiple language voice-over recording.

Advantages of Darvideo Animation Studio

  • A detailed schedule for every project before the start.
  • A step-by-step Animation Production guide for a client.
  • The production team is in constant contact with a client during the whole production term

Pricing policy

The video price depends on its type, length and production complexity. An average price starts at $700 and lasts just 3 weeks. The most multifaceted cases can take 10 weeks’ time. While surfing through their brand site you can find various types of packages depending on the client’s needs and preferences. There is a strict timetable for every deadline; this way you will surely get your video in promised time terms.

To provide a high service video production team includes Creative Director, Producers, CG Artists, Illustrators, 2D, Flash and Character Animators, Motion Designers, Graphic Composers, Project Managers, Sound Man and Music Composer. There are specialists with more than 18 years of animation experience and cartoon direction.

Website: darvideo.tv 

Video Example:


2. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Studio is a professional video studio situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company’s motto: Because our animated explainer videos taste different! Studio succeeds in producing fully customized video content in order to achieve the maximum of marketing objectives.

The team of Yum Yum is also concentrated on the brand’s unique identity in mind. What is important to underline – every message a brand delivers, the studio can modify in a way to engage and include the target audience on a personal level. The studio’s large profile and the level of the client’s state that the studio provides its clients with the highest level of quality and production standards. Studio clients include: Heinz, Walmart, American Express, Vodafone, Red Bull, among others.

Yum Yum Team includes a team of marketing specialists, creatives, writers, and designers. Each of them is concentrated on delivering the brand’s message through a striking, appealing, and fully customized video of the highest quality.

Pricing Policy

Depending on numerous factors such as style, run-time/length, etc form a video’s final price. An average animated video usually costs at about $7,000 to $15,000.

As for production terms: the normal video production cycle requires six weeks. All amendments or other changes to video that can appear on every level should also be taken into consideration. Getting high quality, fully customized, and compelling marketing video together is not an easy task!

Website: https://www.yumyumvideos.com/

Video Example:


3. Breadnbeyond

Animated Explainer Video Company Breadnbeyond is another example of a professional team of specialists, who create high-quality Explainer Videos.

Company’s motto: Engage Your Customer Without Busting Your Budget. This is an excellent option if you are interested in a worthy video content but you do not have a big budget. Moreover, the team of Breadnbeyond promises to create any video within 25 days’ term or less, otherwise, you will get your video free of charge. According to the company’s description, the entire production process is down to a science. As it is said on the company’s website – they are producing 30 videos monthly which means that it takes a day to make a video. Not bad, right? It is all about quality and results.

Advantages: They are in touch with their clients as long as they reply to all comments and changes within 24 hours; this helps stay on track for having a completed video in 25 days. The team can create a broad spectrum of various animation styles, from 2D to 3D and from motion graphics to whiteboard video explainer. Along with that studio provides complete animated explainer video packages for all clients, that include scriptwriting, voice-over, graphics, animation, sound effects, background music.

Pricing Policy

There are three main types of standard packages: Ultimate, Premium, and Advanced. Each package includes a number of services. In order to get accurate pricing for your video – take a look at the necessary service rate and leave a request for a free consultation and get your calculation based on your personal issues and video details.

Note! Each package is only for one minute of the animated explainer video. There is an additional cost for every 10 seconds after the first minute.

Breadnbeyond guarantees to finish the explainer video within 5 weeks, as long as the client assists full cooperation and timely feedback. In case you have a short deadline term – you can pay a small fee to expedite the result.

Website https://breadnbeyond.com/

Video Example:


4. Epipheo

A professional animation studio situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. Such a creative studio brand name has a symbolical meaning – the studio team uses video to spark epiphanies because they create clarity and people love clarity. They are creating true content and try to be real and meaningful on every possible level. They produce videos that help people to understand what your company does or how it differs from the rest to help the audience understand its purpose and meaning.

Epiphany Studio has been working since 2009 and during that time has created over 5000 Epiphany videos for companies like P&G, Epson, Google, Microsoft, Teachforamerica etc.

Their main goal is to use an honest approach and true content. So before going to them – think what is the truth about your idea, your product, your service, your brand, your audience.

Epipheo Studio’s main motive is love. Studio cares about people—especially the people watching the company’s brand video. Try to specify your message and be sure if it is real. What matters to your clients? What do they need? Where are they confused? The secret is to put the needs of others above yourself. Is it close to your company? If the answer is yes – the studio will focus on that and describe it in the most favorable light

Epipheo Studio is a team of teams. Beyond organizing around B2B, B2C, and Non-Profit clients, every project has its own cast of characters working behind the scenes to bring your epiphany to life among which there are 3D Explainer Video, Animated Video Course, Brand Video, Educational Video, Educational Video Series, E-Learning Video Course, Internal Video, Live Action Video, Animated Explainer Video, Social Video Ads, Storytelling Testimonial Video, Trade Show Video, Video Case Study, Video Mini-Course, Video White Paper.

Pricing Policy

As for getting a final price for your video fill in a quote and tell al details about your video type and its main preferences. Just ask a price and compare it to other studios’ quotes.

Website https://epipheo.com/



5. Switch Video

Switch Video  is a team of specialists with more than 10 years situated in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. According to their words – the Switch Video team says this is where the magic happens. They create animated explainer videos for companies like IBM, HP, Bayer, Abbott, and many more. All in all, there have been made over 1,200 videos for clients in 15 countries and 15 different languages.

The company works with clients worldwide producing a variety of high quality and memorable custom videos and has a full in-house team of scriptwriters, animators, and producers who work in the same office. The company has a firm policy not to work with freelance as only working together in the same place can bring a truly good result. The team is custom animated explainer videos and business video production that explains a complex idea to the world and targeted audience.

Company’s advantage is that their content experience is unmatched; therefore, they are the choice of hundreds of happy customers who can come back for more animated videos. Switch is also associated as a long-term partner to help clients produce, implement and track the success of video projects. They provide assistance in creating and implementing video content campaigns that work, whether it’s on the website, in an email marketing campaign, or through social media.

Pricing policy

As it is typical for studios like this the project price depends on the number of issues and can be calculated after filling the brief. In case you are interested in a total video price – switch to a company website and fill in an application. After agreeing on the price a video production takes at about 5 weeks’ time. Take a look at the portfolio and choose if this style is good for your video.

Website https://www.switchvideo.com/



6. Kasra Design

Kasra Design motto: Creativity takes courage.

Since 2011, the company has made over 500 commercial videos in the form of animated explainer videos, corporate, 2D, 3D & motion graphics for some of the world’s greatest brands and companies.

As long as there are no one-size-fits-all video solutions the team of Kasra Design carefully works on every business video so that the main message could be perfectly delivered to a targeted audience. Whether it is an explainer video, motion graphics spot, corporate presentation or even a TV commercial there is no place for compromise on video quality. Everything produced in Kasra animation company is bespoke and carefully crafted from scratch by an award-winning team of designers and animators.

Kasra team is backed by a creative international team of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, illustrators and animators, and an award-winning team of designers. All of them are concentrated on one goal: to create outstanding and stylish visual stories that can boost your business sales in no time. The utmost importance is always given to work quality. Every project is carefully crafted and monitored in accordance with the strict internal inspection to ensure results that go beyond expectations. Kasra works with companies from all over the world that is why they are in constant touch with their clients as they understand the importance of being handy whenever there is an urgency. The team is available around the clock to attend the client’s needs, any time of day.

The studio’s core strength lies in the ability to visualize complex topics and technical subjects and bringing clients’ ideas to life with professional  and easy-to-understand visuals.

Website https://www.kasradesign.com/



7. Demo Duck

Demo Duck – a production studio with a small team of people situated in Chicago, IL. company’s history started in 2011, when a group of people decided to make screencasts and demo videos–hence the name ‘demo’ comes from and the Duck part was made up later and the duck itself is still a studio’s symbol.

The studio’s main focus – is to make a video for business. Guys are totally curious about the client’s business, issues that make it special and what differentiates it from all the rest. What they want to know at first are the what, the why, the how – in order to pick your brain and turn the findings into a video. As the company is more than 8 years on the market, over this time they have learned about businesses small and large, new and old, local and abroad and all this knowledge helps to turn it into video content that can accomplish anything.

The studio’s team includes collaboration with artists, designers, animators and filmmakers from all over the world and guys are successful in creating all possible types of design. At first, it all started from animated but with time the team has got hungry for more and started producing an advert, a testimonial, a song and nowadays production include explainer videos, customer testimonial videos, educational videos, company story videos, commercial videos, branded video, video series, internal communications videos etc. All the problems that the company is facing in business, Demo Duck can help to solve it with video.

Their main principles are:

Transparency – which is great because neither of us is so it is vital to be real and genuine with each other in order to achieve the best result.

Ownership – the world is not perfect and it doesn’t consist of black and white. They take credit for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Intention, curiosity, humble confidence and flexibility are the company’s strong suits that help them with how they work and the high-quality results.

Website: https://demoduck.com/



8. Promoshin

Promoshin is an LA production studio communicates the client’s perfect message. They specialize in full-service video content production and have been on the market since 2011. Over 5,000 videos have been produced for companies around the world among which there are BBB, Intuit, Pfizer, NASA, Cisco, Uber, Cinemark, Kaiser, Genentech, Oracle, and Microsoft. This means that even if you are not from the US, the team can produce and translate the video to any language.

After studying their website, we can get to know that the studio has not only great experience in video production but also has a comfortable and flexible work style with its clients, making it as smooth as possible. It means that every client gets a full expert team of specialists among which there are project managers, professional video scriptwriters and creative professionals like illustrators, motion graphic artists, animators, voice-over artists, and sound engineers. The team will fully understand the company’s product, service, or idea – and draft a script that transfers the message in a most engaging way in order to inspire viewers to take your desired action.

In case a client has a strict deadline they can make your video in as little as a week, without losing quality. Priority rush service is available to a client where the production team is equipped and ready to get the video done as fast as possible. Besides each project has its own dedicated project manager who will guide through the process, update you at every step, and take your feedback along the way.

Irrelevant of client’s video complexity level Promoshin always delivers just what any client wants: 2D, 3D animation, motion graphics, hand-sketched whiteboards, stock footage, screencasts, full live-action productions and more. Along with the production process, any client can get the word out with marketing services like press release distribution and video advertising.

It is said that the work on the project won’t be complete until the client is 100% happy. The ultimate goal at Promoshin is to make sure every client walks away proud to distribute their video content all over the web.

Pricing Policy

As it is known, there are always plenty of pricier options, and plenty of cheaper ones but guys believe they are the most affordable compared to the value you’ll get. A top-notch video with all the bells and whistles at an unbeatable price. To get an accurate price fill in the feedback form and get your personal pricing.

Website: https://www.promoshin.com/



9. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is situated in the UK and has two main offices in Southport and Manchester. Since 2011, they help to achieve amazing things with video and nowadays they have more experience than most other companies with creating animated explainer videos. Over the years they have created 3,000 videos for over 1,500 companies in more than 40 countries.

Today they are one of the world’s market-leading explainer video companies who understands the value of exceptional customer service. Like other studios, Wyzowl feels that every one of the clients deserves flexible and comfortable collaboration from answering calls and queries quickly to providing a convenient, creative and comprehensive service everything they do is tailored towards providing the best service and end product to the client.

The main goal is to increase sales, build brand awareness or educate the client’s audience therefore they create video content to help them do that! Their thoughtful production system has the opportunity to feedback at every stage of the project which means that the client can direct the overall vision for the video whilst keeping his time commitment to a minimum. Over the years, they have worked on various styles of explainer videos and today, they do everything possible to stretch the boundaries of creativity that have led to a launch of an internal KPI to keep revisions low. It means that at each production stage they ask comprehensive questions in order to fully understand what is required for the project.

If you want to raise awareness and reach your audience wherever they are Wyzowl is the company to go with! The studio will create a compelling story that inspires people go with your brand. Today, they produce app demo videos, customer service videos, event videos, explainer videos, social media videos, testimonial videos, teaser and onboarding videos.

Pricing Policy

To get your own video price you need to fill in a very simple 3-step feedback from. Just choose the necessary video type, the desired deadline term and give a brief description of your video. This will take only several minutes from you but will help you to get the most precise and accurate price so that you could form your budget.

Website https://www.wyzowl.com/



10. Explanify

If They Don’t Understand Your Solution, They Won’t Buy It – an Explanify key motto and the main goal for every customer. Their main focus is 60 or 90 second videos. This is enough time to capture a client’s attention and give them a call to action.

Explainify specializes in creating 60-90 second animated explainer video that simplify your company’s complex products and services for your target market. They create a video the way all viewers can understand what your company does, what makes it different, and how to get in touch with you.

If you are still wondering whether your company needs an explainer video the answer is simple: in case your business conducts a lot of services online – yes, you do need a video. In accordance with HubSpot’s 2019 State of Video Marketing Report, 68% of consumers say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video — and when asked what type of video content they wanted to see, consumers cited explainer videos. For companies with compound products and services, an explainer video can quickly simplify your offerings in an amusing, educational way.

Explanify studio can be an option for video production if you are looking for a reliable contractor.

Pricing Policy

As it is known, the range of pricing for animated explainer videos of various types is fairly wide. At Explainify, the production of animated video costs within the $10-20K range. According to the company’s statistics, this is an optimal range for developing stunning, tailored videos that amplify the key business messages and create impact for your commerce.

Website https://explainify.com/



Conclusions about animated video studios to choose from

There are a lot of animation studios producing great explainer videos, 2d and 3d animation, motion graphics and videos for social media. Main criteria are remaining always the same – price, quality, delivery time, service and of course portfolio. But it is always up to your taste and your purpose which animated explainer video company to work with.

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