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                              7 working tactics how to promote the YouTube channel

                              YouTube | Article about the promotion of the YouTube channel

                              Promoting your YouTube channel is an excellent way to tell about your brand on the most popular video platform in the world. It’s the best time to think about your promoting campaign because Internet viewers today use YouTube almost as often as Google. To promote a brand channel is to win your place in the search. Nevertheless, many brands still don’t have an idea of proper promotion. Those channels that mindlessly refuse to put efforts and means into promotion just perform an act of marketing self-sabotage.

                              The promotion has to be symmetrical to the content and the quality of the YouTube channel; these things better to be held at an equally high level; at the same, at least. So before you start promoting anything, especially YouTube channel, where you have the stream of competitors for a viewer’s attention, make sure your content is the best it could be. If each video on a brand channel is leaving an impression that is more palpable than buzz, you can seek for the bigger audience.

                              The most “traditional” way to promote your YouTube channel is the one offered by YouTube itself – paying advertisement. Even if you are not yet fully equipped for the task of promoting your channel, paying for ads may be a good choice. It’s not the only one, though, it is not even exceptional. Paying advertisement might be a good bonus to the other marketing efforts you put into your channel. Obviously, to build a promotion campaign only on paying advertisement is not the option.

                              There are many other ways to promote your YouTube channel without paying for it. YouTube as a search engine, has its rules. To promote the channel for free means to engage users and make yourself visible in the search.

                              Nothing is born perfect, and a promotion campaign may change from time to time. If you know your targeted audience, you already have something that will help you to shape the means for promotion.

                              So, how do you promote your YouTube channel? Here are some working strategies. We are absolutely convinced that applying each of them will help to bring you more subscribers and a better conversion rate.

                              Create a unique title

                              In order to promote your channel successfully, you have to master its one utmost skill – the ability to engage the audience. In fact, if you can do it, if you know how to present your content in a way that makes people follow you, your brand channel will be captivating and successful. There is a curious link between the title and the ability to engage the audience.

                              When brands create a video, they rarely consider a title as something important. It’s natural: if you put a lot of time and work into video, you are not tending to pay attention to a title. However, a title is the key. For many viewers, it’s a sign on a door.

                              A unique title is situated somewhere between clickbait headlines and out-of-the-box crafted topic. Make it precise and promising. If a viewer gets the feeling that clicking on your title could bring transporting experience, you got his attention. However, don’t rely too much on a “clickbait side”. Try to imagine what kind of emotional response you want from the audience, and create a title that will be able to provoke that response.

                              Video on YouTube | YouTube channel promotion

                              The precision of a title doesn’t have to be a quality one strived for; a title should be unique and promising. For example, starting a title with “the best” is a good approach. It already promises a viewer that the video will show him only selected things related to the topic. YouTube video titles should be between 50 to 70 characters.

                              Most viewers focus on the beginning of the title and tend to skip the rest of it. Make this first part of a title denser with vital information.

                              Animate your channel with contests and giveaways

                              People love to receive presents. And even if you pick the viewer randomly, that will give a taste of surprise to the entire giveaway campaign. A most common practice is to set the next rule: those who want to participate in giveaway should live a comment or invite a friend to subscribe. It works well for any social media contest.

                              What kind of gift should you give away? Something related to your brand. After you select your winner, analyze the statistics. Alas, many internet users often just interested in receiving free stuff. Interpret what the giveaway results tell you. If you have any new subscribers and the engagement rate is better than before the contest – you’re doing good.

                              How frequent contests and giveaways should take place? Once in a while. There is no point in doing it too often. After all, even holidays don’t come frequently.

                              Don’t forget that YouTube has specific rules and restrictions about contests.

                              Proper YouTube promotion impossible without the YouTube description

                              A description is a part that straightforwardly tells a viewer the most valuable information about a brand. When we say “description”, we mean both types of it on YouTube – channel description and video description.

                              Just a few tips on making great descriptions:

                              • Use keywords that describe your content.
                              • When writing description address the words to real people – don’t sound too robotic.
                              • Show why and how your content could be valuable for viewers.
                              • Before launching, make sure it looks okay on the devices.

                              Live video

                              Live meetings with subscribers to talk about a product, brand, or just answer some questions is extremely popular at the moment. For many people, this is the way to know you better, to understand what kind of a person and team is working on the product. YouTube also is the kind of platform where channels go on live most frequently. We recommend to go on live at least once in a month with different aims as a topic. Most likely, it will be questions and answers. Unlike regular promotional videos that have to be short, live video better to last about an hour.

                              Organize all the videos in playlists/make a series

                              These two are very close to each other — both are about consistency. If you create a series, you should post each part regularly. If you make a playlist, viewers will be able to discover the required content quicker. It would be easier to cover different topics by adding one video at the time – also regularly.

                              All about the YouTube channel | Darvideo Blog

                              Many users find out about interesting videos through YouTube’s “suggested videos”. If you make playlists, there are way more chances to appear in someone’s recommendations.

                              Promote the YouTube channel on other platforms. It’s doubtful that the YouTube channel is your only way to be present online. Use other platforms too! Post links on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. There is also a bit old-fashioned way – email marketing. It’s still worth trying to promote your product this way.

                              When posting a video, make sure a link on YouTube will appear at every social media you have.

                              Use YouTube analytics to realize what worked best and focus on it

                              Sometimes, it’s good to use all the possibilities you have. At some point, you should reflect on things that worked and those that didn’t and make a choice to abandon failed strategies. In YouTube Analytics, you can learn what was good and what might be worth improving. You can find out strange things – your real audience turned out to be a bit different from your targeted audience. In this case, you may want to rebuild your channel slightly.

                              YouTube analytics, in general, is made to understand your audience better, how they respond to your videos, which of your actions brought a higher level of engagement etc.

                              To build the YouTube channel is to share your product and your ideas with a larger group of people. That’s why people start businesses – to find like-minded people who will find pleasure and solution to their actual needs. Consider promotion as a way to show your product in true light – and you will find your audience. If you are ready to start promoting your brand channel on YouTube, go ahead and jump into it!

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                              Calvin Bif 22.12.2020 at 03:17

                              The most working tactic to promote the YouTube channel is to make quality content, all the rest makes no difference.

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                              Effective methods for me !!!!

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                              I will definitely try one of these tactics. You should write more on this topic.
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