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                              Adobe creative cloud apps: Darvideo`s choice. Big review.

                              Adobe creative cloud apps: Darvideo`s choice. Big review.

                              When we think of the software today, that each person who has an internet connection and laptop (or even a smartphone) could use for their work tasks and productivity, it seems like everything was already invented. There are tons of services that help us to create, edit, and even optimize our work. But, the Adobe team thinks vice versa: if everything that people need has been somehow invented, we will simply re-invent it and add it to our Adobe pack! That’s the key to understanding more than 50(!) Adobe apps are available for users nowadays.

                              There are different Adobe packs available depending on the goals that the user has. Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) is for the creators that work with all types of content, starting from photos, videos, CG art, illustrations, motion graphic design, texts, 3D modeling, animation, etc. There are over 20 applications included in the Creative Cloud in addition to various mobile apps, templates, cloud services, assets, and tutorials. On the other hand, Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe EC) works for marketing, analytics, or advertisement goals. And each “pack” has dozens of apps that solve different tasks and simplify our work.

                              We would focus on Adobe CC apps,  which would be extremely useful for illustrators, designers, animators, and even social media managers. That would be a list of apps that our animated studio uses in our everyday work routine to create all types of animated videos for your business. All the information meets the latest 2021 updates, so you wouldn’t miss all the innovations this time.

                              Adobe Creative Cloud includes all of the apps from the photo below:

                              Interface, Photoshop CC 2021

                              Adobe Photoshop

                              Price: $9.99 per month with Lightroom, or  $52.99/month for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

                              Devices: the software product runs on PCs with macOS, Windows, and mobile versions of iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

                              Even if you might not know the applications that will follow below, you are 100% familiar with Photoshop as it is an officially number 1 app for professional manipulations with photos. It is as well a versatile tool that is great for making posters, wallpapers, and digital artworks.

                              Reading girl by Victoria Pavlov created at Photoshop, Behance

                              What Photoshop could be used for exactly?

                              • Photo processing – lightening or darkening, adding inscriptions or vignettes, removing red pupils, or creating some kind of an effect.
                              • Development of graphics for websites – creating teasers, banners, posts for groups, etc.
                              • Creating graphics for games – characters, terrain, etc.
                              • And, of course, drawing – avatars, icons, postcards.

                              Wanna see some inspirational examples of what Photoshop is capable of?

                              Turn a portrait into a realistic oil painting.

                              With the help of the vibrant brushes, the photoshop tool, you could easily paint in bright and vibrant colors and add some special effects to give the final picture an old and rich renaissance look. Powerful?

                              You don’t have to work for Pixar to create 3Ds, Photoshop is a great and simple way to add 3 dimensions to flat objects or photos. So, use it!

                              The creation of the cinematic “Inception” effect is also possible! And it’s just the start of your creative path.

                              Add your face to a dollar banknote with the “Sketch” filter. That’s more like for fun, still, speaking of the tutorial tools below- they could help you in a lot of other tasks.

                              Well, almost everyone uses Photoshop. Starting from simple users for personal purposes at home and ending with professionals in a web studio.

                              Here are 7 reasons why you should try Photoshop even if you are not a designer:

                              1. A new way of expressing yourself

                              Before you had the opportunity to learn the basics of drawing or take painting courses…Now, with thousands of tutorials that could be found on the Internet, you can easily express your creative ideas through Photoshop and photo editing. That’s how UI/UX designers are born.

                              1. Ability to learn photo-editing

                              Cameras do not accurately convey how our eye sees colors. This could be corrected by Photoshop. You can go a step further and use your imagination to create surreal images, or simply post your photos on the blog, website, or your brands` social media channels.

                              1. “Train” your vision

                              Your creative gut and visual taste will be positively impacted. After all, working with images always means working on composition, color, and light, location in space, the interaction of objects, proportions, perspective, and many other aspects. Instead of spending hours and days studying dull theory from the books, you can quickly feel it all in practice. Thus, you can safely make mistakes and create many different versions of the same image to end up with the one that will be The one.

                              1. Stay trendy

                              One of the most modern trends in digital is the collage technique: from the simplest that is used in SMM to the most difficult in advertising or illustration. This new way of representing an image allows you to combine images and photographs, parts of them, superimpose with different effects and typography to maximize the transmission of ideas and the opportunity to get an emotional response from the user.

                              1. Photoshop is a business tool

                              If you want to create a business with your artistic product, Photoshop can help you in designing it well. Today, in the era of high technology, the e-commerce business is gradually growing. A beautiful and “peachy” picture is highly important for attracting customers. You can make your product photos more attractive with Photoshop, thus getting more responses to them. People always tend to show a higher level of trust in aesthetically pleasing products or their images. Combine it with the animated product video and see your sales level is growing.

                              1. Moodboard and visualization

                              Often we need to portray and present our idea in a high-quality manner so that they will respond positively to it. This may be necessary for a big company presentation, a private meeting with colleagues, a new project launch, or even for personal purposes. This is where mood boards come in handy. Correctly selected, cropped and combined images will help you to maximize on the screen what is in your head. Beyond that, you can finally step away from stereotyped presentations and create a unique visualization that truly grabs the viewer’s attention.

                              1. Photoshop – a way to enter the realm of the web

                              Websites, banners, Facebook ads, emails, and signatures are all created in Photoshop. Before the site becomes a code, it must first become a layout, where you can: create, modify, move and work with any element of the future site to choose the most appropriate style and presentation of the info. That will contribute to the development of the business.

                              Example of an illustration created at Adobe Illustrator 

                              Adobe Illustrator

                              Price: $20.99 per month, or $52.99/month for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

                              Devices: software product runs on PCs with macOS, Windows, and on IPad.

                              Adobe Illustrator is a vector-drawing and art-editing tool. It helps to create graphic projects in all standard formats, and also provides printing and posting functions on websites. There are Adobe mobile apps including Illustrator Draw, Capture CC, and Comp CC, which let you work on images on smartphones and then seamlessly continue projects on your desktop or IPad using Illustrator CC.

                              What can Illustrator do?

                              The system provides tools for the implementation of sketches, typography, illustrations, logos, business cards, and brochures, as well as filling video games, decorations, and clothing.

                              What’s the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator?

                              Glad you asked. At a first glance, they are quite similar, but the main difference is how they store the material created. Photoshop works with raster-art, which means that all photos are stored as pixels. Thus, once you zoom the image- the pixels would be visible. Illustrator, on the other hand, works with vector art, which means that the work is stored as a mathematical equation. The huge plus of the vector art here is that it could be infinitely enlarged without losing any quality.

                              Work by Bianca Morelos created at Adobe Illustrator, Behance

                              What are the strong points of Adobe Illustrator?

                              • A wide range of filters and special effects is provided.
                              • You can create freehand drawings or apply them to color and tracing to exported photos.
                              • Illustrator works with resolution-independent vector graphics as well as more traditional bitmap graphics.
                              • The platform offers a variety of brushes and pencils, lots of fonts, color synchronization, curvature tools, and automatic calibration.
                              • You can create snapping to pixels, points and grids, live corners, and shapes, including ellipses, polygons, lines, and rounded rectangles.
                              • A variety of custom graphic templates is available.
                              • Seamlessly integrated Adobe Creative Cloud lets you invite people to collaborate and share the creativity.
                              • Created projects can be loaded into other Adobe apps for further design. For example, animating the objects to create a video. It integrates with animation and video applications such as Animate CC, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

                              Vector art by Aytaj Masimova, Behance

                              What are the cool ways of using Illustrator nowadays? Or “I am not a designer”- part


                              The world’s hunger for emojis is still here. Illustrator is being commonly used among enthusiasts and professional designers in developing new emojis. As well as refreshing old ones.


                              Would it be a surprise for you if I say that NIKE shoes, VS lingeries, and even Ralph Lauren`s shirts are designed in Illustrator?

                              Motion Graphics

                              That’s the part where we need to confess that all of our best-animated explainer videos were created in Illustrator as well. Thus, we can definitely say that Adobe Illustrator is great for livening up a company’s online presence and creating more emotionally engaging branding and advertising using motion graphics.

                              That’s the  2021 showreel by Darvideo Animation Studio, where almost all of the works were created with the help of the illustrator.

                              Adobe Animate

                              Price: $29.99 per month, or $52.99/month for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

                              Devices: software product runs on PCs with macOS and Windows

                              You must have heard about Flash. However, do you know Adobe Animate? That’s the new Flash and it has added some excellent features to help you create animation.

                              What is Adobe Animate used for?

                              Adobe Animate lets you create interactive vector graphics and animation for games, television programs, online videos, apps, and more. Adobe Animate can bring cartoons and banner ads to life, and add action to e-learning content as well as infographics.

                              2D animators at Darvideo use it to create all types of animated videos for different businesses.

                              What are the strong and weak points when it comes to Adobe Animate?


                              • Automation functions 

                              For example, Adobe Animate Camera helps you to give your animation a more realistic view. The virtual camera feature lets you easily stimulate your camera’s movement. For instance, when you are creating a fighting scene in an animated movie, you can zoom in or out and change the viewer’s attention from one point to the other or you can rotate it to give it a dramatic effect.

                              • Wide range of outputs
                              • Audio Syncing

                              You can sync audio in your animations. In other words, you can do audio synchronization for your animation series, which helps.

                              • Intuitive yet straightforward timeline layout

                              Adobe Animate CC’s timeline controls have been revised with new options and functionalities, such as editing multiple frames, creating classic tween, customizing the insert keyframe.


                              • It rains memory for more significant projects
                              • Has limitations of vector graphics

                              Wanna see some examples of animation created at Adobe Animate?

                              TV series, Motorcity Character Action Demo Reel

                              Jaiden Animation

                              Adobe After Effects


                              Price: $9.99 per month with Lightroom, or  $52.99/month for the Adobe Creative Cloud

                              Devices: software product runs on PCs with macOS, Windows

                              The main type of animation where After Effects excels is motion graphics / info-graphic animation, etc. You’ll see this style frequently in commercials and animated explainer videos online.

                              Here is a bright example for you of an infographics video by our animated studio.

                              However, you can use the same type of limited puppet animation with more elaborate character designs to create more traditional looking animated shows like FX’s Archer:

                              Another piece created by Ricardo Mendes with the help of Adobe After Effects:

                              Just as with the Photoshop and Illustrator software, you might have a simple question here:

                              What are the main differences between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate?

                              Animate CC:

                              • Narrative Animations
                              • Interactive Web Content
                              • Puppet Characters
                              • Hand-Drawn Animation

                              After Effects:

                              • Motion Graphics
                              • Video Compositing
                              • Puppet Characters

                              Thus, we suggest using After Effects if your goal is to invest the time in learning a deep and versatile program with applications outside of animation. It has a more steep learning curve.

                              Making animations in the infographics style is very marketable for advertisement and business, and After Effects is perfect for that type of animation. On the other hand, it might be not as well suited for doing expressive character animation or narrative content.

                              Pieces of advice for your fresh start:

                              1. Try all the apps with the 1-month free trial that is available for the whole Adobe Creative Cloud pack to compare it with the other sources available
                              2. Watch the tutorials at the Adobe apps and try them at the same time! Don’t spend time just watching through tons of videos on Youtube.
                              3. Wait for Part 2 of our Adobe review to open up the whole new world of Adobe apps for creators!
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