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                              Animated explainer videos for E-commerce

                              Animated Explainer Videos for E-commerce

                              Selling products online is rather challenging for e-commerce business because customers can’t physically interact with items and it’s not easy to communicate the products’ true value using plain test descriptions and images. That’s why e-commerce explainer video is becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce brands. E-commerce businesses add animated explainer videos to their website to engage their online store shoppers and take the buying and selling process to the next level.

                              Why Do Explainer Videos Work?

                              Let’s look at some stats about the impact of video content on the internet user behavior.

                              • E-commerce site visitors who view video stay on a website on average 2 minutes longer.
                              • More than 64% of consumers who shop online are more likely to make a purchase if they watch a product video.
                              • More than 60% of the internet users prefer watching videos before they read text on the same web page.
                              • About 53% of people admit that they feel more confident of their online purchasing decisions after watching product videos.

                              Wondering why explainer videos are so effective? There are 2 types of people when it comes to comprehending and retaining information – some of them go with verbal learning, while others are visual learners. So it’s no secret why online shopping explainer video works so well.

                              Increasing sales in e-commerce

                              Explainer videos have both powers. They stimulate both auditory and visual senses in human brain to explain any concept in a simple and understandable way. And they also allow you to connect with your customers on emotional level, engaging them.

                              So if you use an audio and visual message to tell your brand story, you will significantly boost your message retention, engage more website visitors, and make a powerful impression on them. That will help you convert video viewers into leads and paying customers.

                              How to Use E-Commerce Explainer Videos

                              As you see, video content is dominating the online e-commerce market because it has the power to translate brand experience into transactions.

                              So you should definitely include videos in your marketing strategy. Here is how you can add explainer videos to different pages of your e-commerce website.

                              You can use illustrative e-commerce explainer videos on product pages and landing pages to promote and sell your products. This way, you will be able to demonstrate more clearly the best features of your products and highlight their benefits to your e-commerce website visitors.

                              You can also create e-commerce animated video that explains the process of making purchases on your website or tells about different delivery options and add it to your homepage. This way, your potential customers will have clear expectations about doing shopping on your e-commerce website.

                              Besides, you can create explainer videos for specific product categories and impress your prospects and customers with your huge assortment. And you can add an animated explainer video that tells your customers how they can use advanced search options to find the right products that meet their specific needs.

                              Use of animation in e-commerce

                              2D animation online shopping videos have the potential to make a powerful impression on your website visitors and can be more effective in convincing them to purchase your products than your sales managers.

                              But you can also use explainer video on other marketing channels – in your profiles on social media sites, in web publications on your blog, as a link in an email signature to boost open rates and reduce unsubscribes, etc. This way, you will be able to reach even more potential customers without asking them to visit your website first.

                              Benefits of E-Commerce Animation Videos

                              There are unlimited benefits of using well-made, engaging explainer videos on your e-commerce website. Here are just some of them.

                              Increase Conversion Rates

                              Videos create engaging shopping experience for you customers and help them know your products better. They also help online shoppers make a purchasing decision faster. According to multiple studies, explainer videos work great on product pages and landing pages. For example, landing pages with videos bring 80% more conversions. Why? Because they allow your visitors to grasp the details about the products they want to buy and make sure they are to their liking.

                              Increase profits through the use of animated videos

                              Increase Your Visibility

                              Consumers like watching short engaging videos instead of reading boring text descriptions. Search engine algorithms take that into account and prioritize video content. So if you add an informative and entertaining animated video to your website, it will help you appear higher in Google search results and as a result, increase your visibility. And you can also add explainer videos to your YouTube channel and expand your reach even more because YouTube is the second largest search engine. Besides, you should remember that videos have the potential to go viral.

                              Boost Engagement

                              Great animations won’t leave anyone indifferent. They instantly grab viewer’s attention and entertain them. That’s why they can deliver your marketing message more effectively. You can use animated explainer videos at all stages of your sales funnel:

                              • to attract audience to come to your website and motivate they stay on it
                              • in ads to generate more sales
                              • to retain existing customers and entertain them

                              The benefits of using video in e-commerce

                              This way, you’ll boost your customers’ loyalty and make them more interested in buying more from you.

                              Final Thought

                              Every e-commerce business needs an animated explainer video. Informative and entertaining videos can become powerful assets for any e-commerce brand, especially if you sell products that are unique, complex, or take a novel approach in their industry. Just make sure that your e-commerce explainer videos clearly demonstrate products’ value and are as brief as possible. Besides, you should combine eye-catching visuals, authentic style, and beautiful music to increase their chances of success.

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