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Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) 2019 in Amsterdam

Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) 2019 in Amsterdam

Darvideo Animation Studio is an Explainer Video Company that creates animated explainer videos to boost business and to help brands to communicate with clients and explain complicated ideas of their services and products with ease and fun. We have more than 10 years of experience and we make animated videos for brands all over the world (Cartoons, Character Animation, Commercials, 2D/3D, etc). Our profile contains more than 700 cases, 30 000 seconds animated, and 250+ happy clients. Our main goal – is to provide professional service to any company that wants competitive ideas, great service, and a cost-effective budget.

That is why we took part in the Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) 2019 in Amsterdam and are planning to continue this practice in 2020.

The modern digital world requires fast and effective solutions therefore the only way to be ahead of competitors is to be on the same page with new technology and marketing trends. Being a part of the biggest and the most influential events in the digital marketing community 2019 in Amsterdam we got to know the challenges that the digital future presents better. 2 days of top-level strategic content, digital marketing insights, networking, discussion and speakers across the globe – this conference is not to be missed.

#DMWF equips with the knowledge that allows us to understand and address future challenges across digital marketing and social media and we have underlined it very clear that our service as an animated studio is only gaining more and more popularity each year across the globe. Marketing futures dictates video to be one of the most effective sales instruments.

Marketing Future for Video

There is one particular trend that’s picking up steam and is going to gain its popularity – it is “shoppable videos.” The kind of video ads that feature links to products within the video. In other words, while watching the video you can interact with it at the same time and buy the desired item t no time. Why video?

Because you are capable of being convincing and mind-capturing within 60 seconds or less.

Still thinking of using video or not? Here is another issue that will convince you to implement animated videos into your marketing campaign. Over the last few years, videos have come to the top of organic search results on both desktop and mobile pages. Lately, Google announced using AI to identify snippets of video related search queries and have this autoplay on search results pages which means that videos are going to be more important to effective search optimization for brands and businesses.

5 reasons to use Animated Videos for Business

The use of video is one of the biggest trends in the digital space after content and content itself is all about telling a story. Whether it’s a story about your customers or your product your main goal is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces your audience to take necessary action.

When will this action be taken? As long as your story has a good execution. An animated explainer video is a rich, engaging medium, that is cost-effective, easy to manage, and will help you to depict key points. It offers all the benefits of a visual medium with much smaller resource requirements than you might expect.

Among the main benefits of Using Animated Video:

  • Animated videos are more visual and cost-effective. You have lots to say but are severely against long reads? This is an excellent option to be understandable and mind-capturing. Using colorful and engaging storytelling, not only you will tell your message but will engage new users.
  • Animated videos are easy to update at any stage. While making videos our animated studio has strict production deadlines and during these periods clients are capable of watching the script and motion making any amendments or changes.
  • You can bring any concept to life and make it engaging to watch. Any story can be depicted in the video. Animated video is an advantage for businesses that are working with specialized soft-ware or service that is not pretty clear for a regular user. An explainer video is empowered to bring even the most difficult script understandable and easy to watch.
  • You can give context to your ideas and strike the right tone.
  • You can visually represent any abstract ideas

An animated explainer video is a dynamic and versatile medium that can elevate your story or your product/service to an absolutely new level. It offers an appealing and amusing alternative to text content, is not impeded by traditional constraints surrounding the live-action video, and upgrades static infographics into a highly engaging “guided tour” through the content.

If you are willing to upgrade your visual content and use the power of animated video for your business you have an excellent opportunity to get your own explainer video from Darvideo Animation Studio free of charge.

How can you get it?

Take part in our raffle and your animated video will be ready from 8 to 10 weeks time. An excellent chance to get your best-animated video from the leading Animation Studio. Implement explainer video to your business and you will see the efficiency on your sales and company’s awareness.

Will we take part in #DMWF?

Being part of this occasion is a great experience for our team and we strive to repeat in 2020 and here are the 3 main reasons:

  • To get in touch with a highly expert community within the digital and social media marketing industry by speaking alongside our industry experts and high-level brand representatives.
  • Networking. It is all about bringing together the best minds from the world of digital marketing.
  • Brand Awareness. To associate the brand with the highest level of digital marketing strategy and promote services to the audience.
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