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                              How To Sell Without Selling

                              Would you like to create explainer videos that will have the purpose to inform and more importantly to sell but without actually selling? Today it is an actual and very real question that many marketing specialists and businesses consider while planning and producing their explainer video production for websites, blogs, and YouTube channels.

                              Want to know what is really significant?

                              What should your video include in order to capture the attention of your intended audience?

                              How can you interest user to watch the video up until your call-to-action?

                              How To Sell Without Selling

                              The main goal of creating selling explainer video is to engage a client into the action with your message but not make it obvious that you are really selling. You need to have a script that will produce revenue and will capture the attention to your brand.

                              So how do you sell without selling?

                              First things first. Focus on the main information and data. Provide your user with the utmost quality of nutritious info about your brand and product or service in particular. Focus on what the client would like to see and hear, show the importance of your product, create a desire to have it.

                              Nowadays users are overfilled with multiple sales literature through emails, social media, and other ways. Too many selling points all over one client and not a single offer that really outstands among others with its unique qualities and necessity to obtain. It is a very refreshing change when a company offers a client the non-sales type language, especially within animated videos. Include valuable material or “how-to” videos to generate interested in everything that is related to your company or product line.

                              Not only it will increase the level of customer’s trust but will make him/her loyal to your brand. Be real and be natural – create the sales process as if you are the client and you want it to be as easy and clear as possible.

                              Research and Data

                              Back it up with some basic data and research in an explainer video. It will take the attention away from the sales process and instead will center the client on important information that he values. Use data that is as up-to-date as possible, and that truly reflects your brand’s purpose as well as any other matters or info that your clients or potential customers will find valuable. Using firm and clear research in your animated explainer videos and explainer videos, you will increase the reliability and integrity level of your brand.

                              Involve pain points that customers care about.  for example: how to increase your management skills, how to be more productive, how to save more money etc. Think through every possible reason that can help your customers or potential clients to make the most of using your products and you will win them once and for all.

                              Entertain your clients with explainer videos

                              If you want to entertain your audience and focus less on the sales process use entertaining language as well as unique animated characters with a whiteboard explainer video. When you produce an engaging scenario with funny animated characters and combine it with whiteboard presentation and simple call-to-action, you will increase engagement and as a result – more leads. Entertaining language makes viewers listen and watch the video from the beginning till the end.

                              If you want to learn more about how to entertain your audience, watch our examples samples of various animated videos here. This will give you an idea of how explainer video works for your business. Of course, every video should be unique and original to your brand, but sometimes you can get useful information by watching examples done by professionals.

                              Call to Action

                              The key goal of salespeople or any website owners with their animated videos is to get customers or visitors to interact with them and get feedback. Let’s not forget, that despite all explanations and information, the final goal is to make sales. By performing it in a subtler way you can make more sales quicker by taking the attention away from the sales and conversion process itself.

                              Action - article "How To Sell Without Selling"

                              Remember, unless they are acting on your call-to-action, you are not maximizing your impact and you cannot hope to increase your sales and revenue. Be aware that at all times your videos are supposed to engage your audience to the point of keeping them watching until the end.

                              Know the portrait of your customer

                              One of the best and significant things you can do to increase engagement and credibility level with your brand and take the attention away from the sales process – is to know your customer. Make research, find out their needs through a variety of marketing techniques including customer service inquiries, surveys, and other means. If you have a blog or any other SMM channel look through the customer’s comments etc.

                              The more you know and speak directly to your clients, the more chances you have to win over people who are considering your brand. Make your videos and sales pitches about what you can do for the client rather than how great your brand or company is. You should always keep in mind that people are not supposed to care about your business except in the way that it can help them to make their lives better in some way.

                              Use Storytelling

                              One of the key reasons why people like to watch animated and explainer videos using animation is because of an easy and interesting way of storytelling. Psychologists say that we remember 92% more of what we see in an animated video as opposed to other types of video such as simple talking head or aggressive commercial. Animated videos involve people and get them interested in your message in ways that other types of video cannot do. When it comes to brand awareness people will memorize more about your company through animation.

                              Writing a script - an article about Explainer Video


                              The more items you include into the video production – the more effect you will get: combine informing and educating issues, use essential data and research points, back up your claims, use entertaining techniques with a storyline or other whiteboarding idea. Make your animations come alive. You want to engage your audience by focusing less on the sales process and more on the information that they so value and look for.

                              We know How to Create an Explainer Video for Your Brand

                              Darvideo Animation Studio is a professional animation team that knows all about animated explainer video production. We know how to take the attention away from the sales process and focus on the valuable information that your target audience requires. Check out our portfolio online and feel free to contact us anytime.

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