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                              “I can make an animation by myself “. Animation created in online video makers VS ordering animation from a professional animation studio

                              “I can make an animation by myself “. Animation created in online video makers VS ordering animation from a professional animation studio

                              It is not a secret anymore that creating any types of videos today (animated as well) has never been easier than today. Even for the people who have at least a smartphone and a cool idea, as well as zero-knowledge about animation. On the contrary,  there is always a pool of professional animated companies that make highly professional videos for your competitors as well, thus, your media product should have great competitive power.

                              Let`s make an honest review of the professional studio-created animation and animation that you could create on your own

                              For the next 5 minutes, you will be in the seat of the judge, analyzing 3 types of videos created by the users in the 2 online animation programs (Moovly and Animatron) and еthe same types of animated videos created by Darvideo Animation Studio. We will analyze their:

                              •  pros and cons
                              •  time-consuming
                              •  quality characteristics
                              •  price

                              Round 1. Corporate presentation video

                              Without any doubts, every company nowadays needs a video presentation, as it helps to boost their competitive power while showing their strong points. Let’s compare a corporate presentation video created in Moovly that we have found on the net and the one that Darvideo has created.

                              How to create an animated video

                              Example №1 Corporate video created by Moovly user

                              Moovly is an animation maker that allows you to create videos for small-medium businesses, educational videos, etc. This service offers to a new user bunch of free media objects that can be used in your creative video flow. You are allowed to use millions of templates, mp3 files, and pictures that could be animated. Sounds great? Let`s see how a user managed to create a video with the help of Moovly.

                              This corporate explainer video as you already know was created for the Stratos software company with the use of Moovly. Let`s speak of its strong and weak points below.


                              • Such video could be created for under $50 (the Moovly subscription price).
                              • Video dynamically explains all the main info about the company.
                              • With the use of the template and simple interface, it takes a few days only to compose such type of video.
                              • Music and animation make it a way better example than a simple presentation.


                              • Online video makers have limited animation possibilities, thus, this video looks quite the same as a huge amount of other videos on the net. This makes it way harder to become authentic among your competitors on the market.
                              • Lack of animation, except for the text animation and stock videos in the background leaves us with the feeling of fake and dry information. We just don`t trust it on some level.
                              • Too much text information that is hard to perceive here.
                              • All the text information appears to sound like a typical ad.

                              Example №2 Corporate video by Darvideo Animation Studio

                              Let`s do not beat around the bush. Here`s a corporate video created by our animation studio for Infineon Technologies AG – a German semiconductor manufacturer. An average budget for video making starts from $500 and depends on the client’s request, terms, etc.


                              • 3D animation that was chosen for this vid presents the company`s story in a creative and visually winning way. That makes the video look unique and authentic.
                              • Video works with a thought-through script, that encourages the viewer to watch it till the end and don`t miss the thing
                              • Though it is not hard to perceive information here at all. The video has a voiceover and only main information written on the screen. Why so? Well, animation gives you a valid benefit – your customer doesn`t need to read lots of info – he or she focuses on watching and listening.
                              • The video looks professional, thus compatible. The last one as we know is obligatory in the world of digital capacity and a “content war” for the new customers that we live in.


                              • Such video is a product of the complex work of the professional team: project managers, animators, designers as well as scriptwriters, and announcers. That will take approximately 8 weeks to create one.
                              • A high-quality corporate animated video has a bigger price tag due to its complexity and market demand.

                              Let`s hit it to the next video tournament?

                              Round 2.  Infographic animated video

                              Infographic videos work perfectly to represent massive visual data in minutes. They are mostly used to visualize numbers and wide topics to simplify them for the viewer.

                              Create animations yourself

                              Example №1 Infographic by Animatron user

                              Animatron is an online maker that can meet different digital needs. You can make explainer videos, short advertisements for your social networks, infographic videos, and HTML5 banners.

                              It has a valid template library with tonnes of videos and mp3 files. The main part is that Animatron Studio supports Lite mode – a simple version of animation maker for those who only make their first steps on animation-path.

                              An impressive example of an infographic animated video created with the use of Animatron, right? Let`s run through its strong and weak points.


                              • Such video could be created for under $30 (business subscription for Animatron).
                              • It could be made for a few days, because of the useful tutorials that Animatron offers. There are around 50 explainer videos 15 seconds each that teach you how to use Animatron effectively. Simple maths here: 12 and a half minutes and you know everything about Animatron animation, unfortunately not the animation overall. Sounds like a challenge?
                              • Video simply and dynamically presents information about Game of Thrones’ main characters from the 9 seasons. The power of infographic, hah?


                              • Character animation that can be created with the Animatron abilities looks a bit gawky and slow-moving.
                              • This video lacks smooth shot shifts and stays closer to a bunch of visuals, than to an animated infographic video.

                              Example №2 Infographic animated video by Darvideo Animation Studio

                              This animated piece was created for the European startup and explain the problem(coffee grounds waste) with the facts/statistics and offered their solution.


                              • The detailed script that this video has, makes it possible to overcome different tasks. It marks the pain-spot ( a coffee waste problem), gives a valid dynamic introduction, and encourages people to think about the problem, even though they never thought about it before. Moreover, it offers a solution. It is complex in a good way.
                              • Unique animated stylistic gives a viewer a new perspective on a particular matter and makes it more engaging.
                              • It combines character animation as well as infographics.


                              • It as well takes up to several weeks to create a professional studio animation like this one
                              • Comparing to unprofessional videos price tag here increases due to the complexity and from-scratch work

                              Let`s sum up

                              Without doubts, a business video nowadays is a must due to its effectiveness. The decision is up to you: creating an animated video for your personal brand or business is possible to manage on your own with a bunch of video makers. It`s cheap, not as time-consuming as it might seem to you before, but still not always enough to compete loads of professional videos that fill the net. For a small business, a primitive animation could be enough to start. When it comes to industry leadership – a video created by professionals will do its job!

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