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                              Is LinkedIn live worth to be in your marketing strategy

                              Is LinkedIn live worth to be in your marketing strategy

                              Let’s talk about LinkedIn.

                              LinkedIn launched an option with a video for the first time quite a long time ago – in 2017. Since then the platform was using other types of online evolution stubbornly ignoring video. However, LinkedIn isn’t a part of some parallel universe. Users were generating video content anyway and the way it worked is quite hard to ignore. So, the years ago Facebook and Instagram added an opportunity for live meetings with others, finally, LinkedIn decided to do the same. And it worked. But you are not surprised, aren’t you?

                              The year after, looking at the results of this option, we are ready to answer whether it’s worth it to your company to make it a part of your marketing strategy.
                              An effective marketing strategy in an article about LinkedIn Live
                              Let’s start from the beginning. LinkedIn Live was designed to complete another popular and highly efficient option: LinkedIn Events. So, what does it tell us?

                              LinkedIn virtual events with LinkedIn Live allow you to meet those who are or will be your audience. This is an important way to connect with them. It works for professionals and colleagues, too. Plus, the real-time option to talk and record these talkings is always the case.

                              Unlike Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok for that matter, LinkedIn is slightly different. No, not slightly. Enormously different. Why? Because this is the place where people can look for jobs and those who look for professionals to join a company or a team also here.

                              So, how can this fact be applied in order to create an efficient strategy? Let’s see what we can get from LinkedIn Live.

                              Live Stream is an article about LinkedIn
                              LinkedIn Live is available to a huge audience. But that’s not it. The audience here is not easy to find on youtube, twitter or, for that matter, TikTok. No way. Here are in general 500 million users. Do you know why they are here? Well, with a variety of purposes, one might assume. But almost everyone here is doing some business. This is unique, and if marketers were unaware of the power of live streaming, finally all of them have to admit its strength. So, the first point: a huge audience of business-oriented people is waiting for you on LinkedIn.

                              LinkedIn is a relatively calm platform. What does it mean? Listen, content here emerging not that often. For example, if on Instagram were 500 million people, 499 million of those would be posting things a few times per day. Its abundance for business is no good. But.. on the other hand, on LinkedIn only 3 million people make content. Just think about it. Isn’t that a gold mine, especially with live streaming options?

                              Okay, how would you define the main trait of this platform? That is right, there is a quality of seriousness and a very slight dose of humor. The content here will be different, too. The audience on this platform simply expects other content. Since we’ve sorted this out, let’s try to see an opportunity here. Well, this is very easy – there is a niche that needs to be fulfilled. So, make a polished, bit serious content and get profit.
                              Video capture - article about LinkedIn Live

                              What else? We’ve got tons of ideas!

                              For starters:

                              • Use a serialized approach. Don’t rush into judgement. Yeah, yeah, we know that the talk about live streaming. But! Unify the themes you cover under a series of live sessions.
                              • Invite others to talk about the industry you work in and related spheres. Why? Because in such a way you are creating a space for other people to talk about different topics.
                              • Provide education and share some personal insights. That’s the way to establish a reputation of someone who can teach others important business things based on personal experience. It’s two of two: people love to learn these days, and they love to learn from personal experience.
                              • Invite your teammates to discuss something during the live show.
                              • Treat people as people, not as an audience or clients. Of course, they won’t stop being your clients. But in order to make them feel like care – and you care, because it is your people – show how important they are for you. If somebody liked your video, don’t leave it like that and don’t take it for granted. Message them on LinkedIn, no matter how – in comments or privately, and just thank them for the attention.
                              • What LinkedIn for? Well… the answer is easy. For recruiting! So, use it! Showcase your office space, ask your employees to go on Live broadcast and talk about your brand and what is good about it.
                              • Ask yourself: why should people watch my live streams? Set your intention. Because it couldn’t be about going on Live streams. It’s just a medium, that is all. You have to establish value for your audience.
                              • Maybe you are the boss, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be on the screen. It could be another person from your team, maybe more suitable for such a thing.

                              Video call in an article about LinkedIn


                              By using LinkedIn Live, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience right there and receive feedback in real-time. On LinkedIn, you’ll have a strictly professional audience. It doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your efforts on Instagram or Facebook, but here you can have an opportunity to engage with the audience that wouldn’t attend your live stream somewhere else. Since Live streaming is becoming quite popular among many audiences, you have to be flexible enough to use each platform. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness and brand recognition.

                              The other reason to get on live streaming more than you did before, is the statistics we have. People spend over 1 billion hours watching live videos in 2019. Considering the situation in 2020 it makes even more sense. Besides, LinkedIn Live streams continue to grow since February 2020. And again, the current state of the world will only make this tendency stronger. If you want to boost your marketing efforts, don’t ignore LinkedIn live.

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