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                              What Is Branding Video?

                              What Is Branding Video?

                              It is a type of marketing video aimed at promoting a product, attracting potential customers. With fast technology progress, video animation becomes more and more popular among the majority of companies. Now, when you know what is a brand video you should also know some other aspects. To create high-quality branding video examples producers must know some essential details to promote a product in a certain way. They are video branding guidelines. Maybe you have heard about them. Setting down these rules helps video-makers to work in the right direction. But if the owner will not do this, there is a big chance of confuses which spoil the reputation of the company and even reduce future clients and income.

                              Branding Video for Walmart

                              Video Branding Guidelines

                              Video guidelines must be correct and clear to the future producers and include loads of elements. Among the most important factors you should take into consideration, there are:

                              • Tone. You should decide what type of video is the most suitable for your company/product/services. The improper chosen format usually seems silly, unattractive or even offensive. For example, it is not a good idea to make entertain video for funeral service.
                              • Language. What type of voice do you want to be in a company’s video. Is it funny or rather serious, calm or cheerful, loud or quiet? Also, the Brand voice should express a certain attitude of the company towards its clients and the problem it solves.
                              • Graphics. Choose the one between animated or real people acting, animation and live motion mix, 2d or 3d format or maybe stop motion animation type. All of them are very popular nowadays in many spheres.
                              • Colors. The composition of the palette probably depends on existing logo colors. But using a new one can be useful to release and promote an innovative, modern product. You can change your palette anytime but it can be hard or ill-received by the audience.
                              • Promotion way. Officially and well-presented company branding videos can help to get a lot of people interested in your product or service. Or maybe you do not need many people and want to spread the name of the company with the help of 3rd people in a smaller size.
                              • Sound. An often vital part of any branding video helps a company to become recognizable with only the melody used in the video. Music and different sounds have a great influence on people leaving a footprint in the minds and forcing them to remind the origin of the noise. Thus, if somebody hears a certain sound from a branding video he will remember it for a quite long time, especially when he hears it again and again many times.
                              • Logo. It is a fundamental feature of any company so the amount of attention paid to it must be high. Decide when and how it appears in a video, how prominent should it be. Do emphasize the way how the logo presented not how big it on a screen. Make people try to remember how it looks like after watching the video. Moreover, you should pay attention if the logo can be rotated or stretched whether the format and size of the image are strict. Is it possible for video-makers to remove any details of the logo or use inverted colors?

                              Frame from an animated video about Walmart

                              Video brand guidelines also include other important aspects. Try to put the attention of the viewer on humans. In fact, it is hard to keep in mind numerous facts and statistics. Boring figures and difficult to understand things and concepts seem to be unattractive when there are too many of them. However, a story about an ordinary person makes us a bit empathic and sensitive. Say his or her name, tell where the man was born and describe some personal characteristics. All these things make us concerned and worried about the person.

                              Another tip for making excellent branding videos is not to create a boring film with a speaker’s head. It is not really interesting to look at somebody talking about different topics. For branding films, it is important to impress a viewer at least for the first time to present him with your product. With modern technologies, we have a wide range of special effects, useful and astonishing features, amazing computer graphics and so on. And putting a speaking man in the brand video alone is a rather bad idea that will push away potential clients.

                              Walmart - article "What Is Branding Video?"

                              Never save money on such things as making a branding marketing video. Less money means worse quality. Of course, hiring professionals is a bit expensive but it is worth it. What is more, you don’t have to be an expert to notice a strange and bad sound or low image and animation quality. As a general rule in your style guide, branding videos reflect a company’s face so if the budget of movie-making is low, the number of clients and the company’s reputation is decreasing.

                              Guidelines need to have a rule about products that are not related to your company. Try to avoid other logos in a frame. Extra information is unnecessary, especially when this info refers to opponents because customer can remember the name of another organization.

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                              What Is Branding Video?

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