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                              Why Animated Videos Don’t Work

                              Why Animated Videos Don’t Work

                              You know that videos get better attention, so you decided to invest in animated videos that explain your complex products or services, but it’s only a part of the story. You were dreaming of getting huge benefits for your business through video conversion, but the time has passed, and you don’t see any increase in leads and customers. So it’s quite natural that you may start wondering what’s wrong with your animated explainer videos and why they don’t help you increase brand awareness and grow sales.

                              If you face similar problems, read this article, where we discuss the key reasons why animated videos don’t work. You’ll also learn what aspects you should consider when you are looking to produce content that will improve your marketing communication and ensure animated video conversion.

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                              What Are the Problems with Bad Animated Videos?

                              Not all animated videos are created equal. If you produce a low quality explainer video for business, you are unlikely to achieve your marketing goals. Here are a few of the reasons why an animated video may bring zero results:

                              • It has a poor script – it doesn’t tell an engaging story, it’s too focused on your company and doesn’t provide effective solutions to your audience’s needs, and it’s boring.
                              • It’s too overcrowded with information, and it’s longer than 2 minutes.
                              • It doesn’t provide the level of quality that your target audience can expect.
                              • It’s not customized and delivers a generic message.

                              That’s why it’s very important to choose a good animated video studio with an enthusiastic team of experts that are capable of implementing the best practices during the production process and know very well how animated videos work. So before you hire any company to create an explainer video for your product or service, check their portfolio and make sure that a studio has experience in producing videos for your industry and they are capable of creating amazing animations that grab and retain the audience’s attention.

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                              What Makes a Good Animated Explainer Video?

                              Businesses use animated videos to tell their brands’ stories in a short and creative form and inspire their audiences. So what is an animated video that will work great for your marketing campaigns?

                              Animated explainer videos come in many forms from traditional animation to 3D and more, and use a variety of emotional tactics to communicate a business’ message. But if we compare the best explainer videos and analyze why they were so successful, we’ll notice that all of them combine an engaging script, a clear message, a powerful style, and modern animation.

                              A well-written script is the key to a successful animated explainer video. Your message should be short and simple, and you should focus your video on 4 things:

                              • Your customers’ pain points – the problem;
                              • Your product or service – the solution;
                              • A brief explanation of how your product works;
                              • A clear call to action.

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                              It’s important to focus on the benefits of your offering, and not features, and keep your video short – 90 seconds or less. Besides, you should make sure that your unique value proposition is presented within the first 30 seconds. It’s best to use a casual, conversational tone and invest in a professional talent to record the impactful voice over.

                              Your visuals should help illustrate your unique, inspiring story. When choosing the 2D animation or 3D animation, think about your audience, and pick the style that resonates with them most. It should be also suitable for presenting your product or service. Selecting an appropriate style of animation is not easy, so you can benefit from a professional advice that you can get if you hire a good animation studio.

                              You should also consider your budget. But that doesn’t mean that your animation video can only be successful if it cost you a lot of money. That’s a common misconception, and there are also good affordable options. You just have to find an experienced studio that can advise you on cost-saving techniques. A good production company can get your explainer video project done on time and budget.

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                              Final Thought

                              Effective animated explainer videos incorporate snappy animations, narrative audio, great music, and amazing visuals that engage the viewers and compel them to take action. If done right, good animated videos are perfect for marketing communication due to their storytelling power and emotional appeal. They clearly deliver your brand’s message to your target audience, especially if you have to explain complex and abstract ideas and concepts.

                              Engaging and entertaining animations perform well across all marketing channels and can bring much better results than live-action videos. You can use them right on your business website and in online advertising and post them on social media to engage your followers. Including quality animation into your marketing mix is the best way to increase conversions and boost sales.

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