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                              Why animation is a real thrill for marketing

                              Why animation is a real thrill for marketing

                              Video marketing is one of the most versatile and effective digital marketing strategies. Its popularity extremely increases which is easy to explain: a short video is able to describe to your potential customers what your brand or product is all about under a couple of minutes. Since the majority of people are visual learners and prefer video content over reading, the probability it will draw their attention is much higher. In addition, people are always eager to share the content they like with the rest of the world which means a great video may encourage your own public to spread your brand popularity without additional efforts from your side. 

                              But there is more to say. Video is evolving its shapes and today we can see a great diversity of styles that really make a difference. Just look around in a single social media platform and you’ll see how many things have been done – live videos, videos from 360c perspective, wittily crafted explainers, and…animation. And here we are. The animation is what we are going to talk about. 

                              The animation is a rising trend in video marketing. It’s not just a video style made from lots of static images. Yes, when played together one by one, the images give the illusion of movement. But animation is so much more than that! Let’s start with a little background that made animation so great. The style shouldn’t be limited by some sort of reality. You have tons of options! Would you like to make your marketing video with cartoon characters? You have the blessing!  With a reasonable approach (not boring though), animated videos can have a number of advantages over the traditional (live) ones.



                              Here are the main reasons for animated videos to be considered an effective instrument for any marketing need:

                              Animated videos grab and keep the viewer’s attention better. No, not just better, but completely different. It works with attention in a way that is proved to be more efficient than we expected. Mark it before choosing any type of video representation you want to have. We may immerse a bit in cognitive psychology and how people perceive what one calls real images and those that are just drawings. First of all, moving pictures calm down. Why? Because we tend to associate them with children’s cartoons, even though the content is speaking directly to us, adults. Second, the number of details is less abundant so, naturally, we can get the gist quicker. 

                               The average Internet user scrolls tons of content per day and rarely stops on something more than for a few seconds. That is a tragedy that the only animation can solve. Well, maybe some other form of content, too, but animation  – for sure. It’s getting harder to cut through the noise and hold your potential consumer’s attention for time enough to arouse an interest in your product. On other hand, a good animated video can intrigue the user from the very first seconds and keep one’s interest until the end.

                              Besides, its typical length would be 30 seconds to three minutes which is enough to make the video informative and not too much for the viewer to lose concentration.

                              They help to simplify complex topics and explain the complicated processes in a fun and engaging way. Understanding how exactly the things work makes the users feel like they are familiar with the product you offer. Hence, they start trusting your brand more and are more likely to pick your services over ones offered by the competitors. When it comes to keeping things simple and clear, nothing works better than animation. Do you want people to like your product while watching the video? You got it! Just use animation. 

                              Using animated videos for marketing purposes provides a wide field for creativity. It means you have more opportunities to highlight your brand’s uniqueness. For instance, you can tell the whole story using the same characters in each video which will allow maintaining the public interest to your brand and increase its popularity soon. Unlike animated videos, it’s extremely hard to implement this trick in other types of marketing videos.

                               Animated videos are applicable to any type of content. Indeed, animation works great for various types of marketing videos, e.g. explainer videos, product demo videos, video testimonials, training&educational videos, and so on. What is more, you can include them in your marketing strategy regardless of your target audience.



                              They are good for SEO. You definitely should consider using animated videos if you strive to increase the ranking and visibility of your website in search engines. Since Google owns YouTube, a presence on YouTube and embedding video on your site gives more chances for your brand to get to the top of Google search results and increase the traffic significantly. As mentioned above, animated videos could be used for any type of content, thus, you can actively implement them in your marketing strategy.

                              It is quite easy to use the brand’s colors in animated videos. It may help to increase brand recognition and, therefore, encourage more users to choose your company services rather than other ones provided on the market on a subconscious level.

                              Animated video would work on most marketing channels. Adding a short video right on the landing page or your website homepage may give you a huge hand in making it look fancy and professional, increasing the site ranking, and attracting visitor’s attention better.

                               Also, you can post it on social media platforms, e.g., your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to make your content more shareable. 

                              In addition, you may use animated videos to improve your email campaign tactic. It will make the newsletters more engaging and fortify the connection with your subscribers. 

                              And it’s not even half of the list:  paid ads and content promotions, blogs, PR activities – whatever channel you are using, the animated video will fit just perfectly.

                              It will serve your business longer. While most live videos often get out of date in only a year after production or even sooner, the animated one stays enchanting for the long term.

                              They can save time and money. Animated videos are way cheaper and easier to produce in comparison to other types of videos. 

                              When you shoot a live-action video, there can be a terrifyingly extensive list of nuances you have to take care of: you need to cast actors, find locations, arrange for production and for shooting, and so on. All these involve significant financial and time resources. Moreover, editing the content may become a troublesome job. Creating an animated video requires less effort while its effect on your audience is the same.



                              In Summary

                              Implementing animation in your video marketing might become a winning step for your brand promotion. It’s quite a fresh and efficient approach to develop your brand personality and convey its vision to your audience. There are lots of tricks animation studios can use to get an impressive effect while also saving your budget. 

                              You can even combine both live-action and animation in the same video for some specific purposes to reach a better result. 

                              Using animation in your marketing videos brings you more flexibility, allows you to test different ideas, and helps to build a stronger connection with your customers.

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