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2D Animator

2D Animator

What is 2D animator?

To animate is defined as “to give life to” or “to fill with spirit, courage, or resolution”. An Animator is a creator who does all these things by bringing still (or inanimate) artwork to life in various media applications.  

Animators create and layer still images together to be played in rapid succession to emulate movement to the human eye. Animators work in nearly all aspects of consumable media including movies, television, video games, commercials, animated explainer videos and web content. They are responsible for transforming still art and creative ideas into vivid, moving, and relatable content. Most Animators are highly specialized, focusing on specific forms of media and specific aspects of animation (i.e. 2d animator, 3d animator, character animator or a generalist). Animation studios typically employ teams of Animators that work together, with individual Animators focusing on a narrower category such as characters, scenery, or background to produce beautiful and compelling pieces of moving art.  

what is 2d animator explanation

Within the animation production industry, Animators are understood to be the individuals and artists who physically create the art that is transformed into animation. They are highly skilled, well-trained, educated, and dedicated artists who are regarded as the backbone of an animation production. In common parlance, an animator usually refers to anyone that works in any aspect of animation production.

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