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Animation is the form of image manipulation to give it the effect of motion. That simulation of movement is created with the help of making a sequence of pictures (frames) in which the image is slightly altered in every new image. Best examples of animation are cartoons. For a long time, animated videos have been drawn by hand, with a huge number of images with slight alterations created with the help of a pencil and paint. With the advent and spread of computer technology and animation software, much modern animation started being created with the help of special software applications.

Animation is distinct from a video in the sense that the latter takes continuous motion and breaks it down into discrete frames, while the former is initially created as a set of frames and only then compiled into a coherent motion sequence.

Contemporary animation products differ by type, length, and complexity. The simplest computer-generated animation piece is a short animated GIF, while a lengthier, more complex object is a computer game or an animated movie. Today’s animation is produced in 2D (two-dimensional) and 3D (three-dimensional) formats; it can be computer animation, motion graphics, stop-motion animation, and traditional (hand-drawn) animation.

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