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                              Animation: 3D

                              What is 3D animation?

                              3D animation stands for the animation technique of computer image generation in the three-dimensional space.

                              This means that the animated images are produced as voluminous, realistic objects and resemble the real-life objects because of possessing the characteristics of width, length, and height. In other words, while 2D objects are created on the y- and y-axes only, the 3D image also has an added z-axis, thus obtaining the depth that 2D objects lack.

                              The creation and manipulation of 3D models take place with the help of specialized 3D computer software and involves distinct stages such as modeling, layout, animation of objects, and their rendering. At the modeling stage, the 3D concepts are created within a certain background. The layout stage involves positioning of 3D objects relative to each other and the background, while the animation stage consists in adding movement to them. The final phase of rendering deals with the processing of resulting animated product via the 3D software to create a coherent digital product.

                              3D animation is a rich area of production where animators apply a variety of techniques to bring their projects to life. Some animation methods typical for 3D include appearance sketching, arena building, and appearance modeling. Advanced 3D production technologies also involve camera setup, abating, and texturing.

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