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                              360 Animation

                              Short definition 

                              360 animation is a step forward from 3D in that it allows the spectator to see the entire circumference of an item. They are highly interactive, allowing viewers to interact with hot areas of information, video guides, and contact forms.

                              Full definition and explanation

                              360-degree video is about a lot more than 3D. This is a sort of video utilized in virtual and augmented reality, opening up a world of video marketing possibilities.

                              The animations are full-color, lifelike 3D figurines that are the same size as the real thing. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s possible that the 3D figures introduced aren’t even natural objects but rather projections of what might happen. Some parts in movies feature 360 animations.

                              Memories, scientific data, dreams, scale, and location are all depicted in 360 animations using satellite imagery, historical footage, and so on.

                              Popular context

                              The animator can design any setting they want to present with the spectator with 360 animations. Storytelling, technical illustration, and construction walk-throughs in architecture and wildlife educational tours are good uses for this type of animation.

                              This type of video can be utilized by stores in virtual fitting rooms or by furniture dealers so that clients can see how a piece will fit into their space right away. Even if they are still in the planning stage, home builders can create virtual tours of their blueprints. This type of film is a terrific way to demonstrate the product in as realistic a setting as possible.

                              They’ve been utilized on underwater tours, allowing tourists to get up and personal with the animals. It then saves money in employing tour guides in such businesses while delivering the client a better experience with the assimilated surrounding.

                              Coolest example

                              A sample video of 360 animation.

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