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                              3D Rendering

                              3D Rendering


                              In 3D computer graphics, 3D rendering is the process of translating information from a 3D model and converting it into a high-resolution 2D image. It is the process of creating an image based on 3D data stored in a computer.

                              3D rendering can be used to create a variety of images, from intentionally non-realistic to what’s called photorealistic. Massive calculations take place in rendering hardware and software for them to convert the 3D data into images. The whole look of the final render is dependent on the combination and rendering of the modeling, shading, texturing, lighting, and animation data, pixel by pixel.

                              Example image 3D rendering

                              Uses of 3D Rendering in Animation

                              3D rendering technology is widely used in the 3D animation industry. You will find it being utilized in magazines, TV, advertisements, games, videos, and the rest of digital media as well. 3D rendering is also a part of the architecture, product development, and special effects industries. Real estate uses 3D rendering to animate virtual home tours. In Architecture, 3D rendering is used to create photo-realistic images. This is a more cost-effective option as compared to spending time and money on the construction of blueprints or life-like working models.

                              3D Rendering in Animation

                              Many product customizations are performed with the help of 3D rendering. For example, companies use 3D rendering to enable customers to make changes in real-time to their products while shopping online on their website. This is also called Interactive 3D and with the help of this renderings can be created in real-time instantly. You will be able to change the color of the dress you selected or make some other customizations to it and then will be able to view those changes immediately with the help of 3D visualization.

                              Additional information

                              Nowadays creating good quality animation videos has become quite expensive. Additionally, customers connect better with things that are less time-consuming to watch. Therefore, 3D rendered images present to be an excellent alternative. These images let customers customize a product from every angle and corner. The file format used in these images is also less data-consuming like a GIF or something else that’s similar.

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