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                              Animated Explainer Videos Price and Costs in 2021

                              Animated Explainer Videos Price and Costs in 2021

                              If you are looking to add an animated explainer video for your marketing strategy, you are on the right track. But if you have already done some research, you may be wondering how much animation costs because animation studios often don’t provide information about the animation cost on their websites.

                              That is because creating a budget for an animated video involves many different factors. Although your animated explainer video represents a single end product, it’s actually made up of several different processes, and each of the stages comes with its own level of expense. Besides, animated videos are tailor-made for each specific business, so they should be budgeted just like other unique products.

                              Financial calculations in the article Price for Animated Explainer Videos

                              Still, speaking about 2021 animated explainer video cost, we should admit the rates may vary greatly from $200 to $45000 per 60 seconds, depending on whether you hire freelancers, a small animation studio, or a big agency. To help you get a better idea of how much you should expect to pay if you want to produce an amazing explainer video for your company, here’s everything you should know about the cost of animation.

                              Factors That Affect Animated Video Cost

                              Let’s start with the basics. Here are some of the most important things that can affect the cost of an animated explainer video:

                              • Video length is the starting point for the conversation about pricing;
                              • Animation style – you can choose from whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, frame-by-frame animation, kinetic typography, or stop motion. The more time-consuming and complex the animation, the more expensive it will cost you.
                              • Template graphics are cheaper, and custom graphics, characters, and scripts will cost you more;
                              • Delivery timeline – the tighter turnaround you request, the more expensive your animation video can become.

                              A lot of professional animation video studios offer additional services beyond just animating your explainer video, and the more services you request, the more you’ll pay:

                              • Developing a concept and building  an overall strategy for an explainer video project;
                              • Writing a script and creating a storyboard; these tasks may require additional set of skills of a concept artist, creative director, and illustrators;
                              • Music and sound effects – if you want to save some money, you may ask a studio to use stock sound effects and music. These options are not so pricey as licensed music and custom soundtracks;
                              • Voice over – if you want your animation video to feature high-quality audio, it will increase your animated video price.

                              As to the revisions, most animation studios include them into the price of the project, but if you make more change requests beyond the key stages, you’ll need to pay additional costs.

                              Graphs and charts in the article Calculating the Cost of Animated Video Businessman working on a graph document financial report and analysis calculation cost with calculator at office desk and other objects around, Top view workspace.

                              Options to Create Animated Explainer Video According to Your Budget

                              When it comes to creating an explainer video for your business, you have 3 main options –hiring freelancers, small-sized video animation studio, or a large agency.

                              You can hire freelancers at the platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and it typically means lower costs (from $200). But this option is rather risky because it’s not easy to find the right talent for your project. And since it’s one person business, a freelancer will need to outsource some services they are not good at, and that may result in late delivery.

                              Small-sized explainer video studio can handle the entire animation video production process from the beginning to the end at an affordable cost. This way, you can get access to a team of professionals who will take care of everything – scriptwriting, animation, voice-over, editing, etc.

                              Big video agencies can create completely custom, high-quality animated explainer videos and give you an opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions. But their explainer video rates are very high (starting from $10,000 per minute), so this option won’t be a good choice for businesses with lower budgets or startups.

                              Financial calculations in the article Price of Animated Video

                              Animation Rates in 2021: Learn What We Offer

                              At Darvideo, we’ve made our animated video pricing very simple and straightforward. Our studio offers different animation packages:

                              • Simple with 1 revision on every stage starting from $900 for 30 sec 2D animation and $2,000 for 30 sec 3D animation;
                              • Medium with 2 revisions on every stage starting from $1,500 for 30 sec 2D animation and $3,000 for 30 sec 3D animation;
                              • Custom with 3 revisions on every stage starting from 2,000 for 30 sec 2D animation and 4,000 for 30 sec 3D animation.

                              We can create a high-quality explainer video for you at a reasonable price and always make sure that every video we make is unique and engaging and delivers an effective message. Each package includes script, storyboard, graphics, animation, voice over, and licensed music. Your payment will be split in two parts – you’ll need to pay 50% before we start and 50% after the project is over.

                              The Bottom Line

                              As you see, animation cost 2021 depends on a lot of factors, and for the most part, the cost of your animated explainer video should be in alignment with the amount of impact you would like to make on your potential customers. So if you’re producing the first animated video for your brand, it makes sense to invest a little more into your animation project. This way, you’ll get a top-notch video that will make a great impression on your target audience and help you grow your business.

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