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                              The animatic is a special pre-production tool used in the creation of a storyboard. Initially, a storyboard is a set of images that render a concrete video idea and visualizing the idea of the planned video content. The animatic is used to compile and animate that set of images, which gives the storyboard as an end product. Thus, the process of turning a storyboard with still images into the final animation piece is animatic.

                              An animatic may also be explained by envisioning it as a rough draft of a movie or any image sequence. It usually consists of a set of storyboarded panels on which image sketches are depicted. The image sequence is compiled with specific timing and voice or sound over. As soon as these elements are combined into a single animated whole, the animatic is produced in the form of a draft film. The animatic is usually done for testing of timings and effectiveness of message communication. Moreover, the analysis of initial animatic allows the producers to determine whether certain sequences may be removed, or additional components need to be created to achieve the intended informational and emotional effect of the media product.

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