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                              Animation CSS

                              Definition of Animation CSS

                              Animation CSS is an animation programming language for the web. It features animation for web developers to include in their websites, animation programmers to use as animation engines, and animation artists to create animation projects.

                              The module works by using a timeline within animation elements on an HTML page and allowing them to be sequenced into a unique programming language. Animation CSS animation is made in Animation CSS classes by tags with animation class names, properties, and values.

                              Animation CSS works with HTML’s standard tag, which contains an animation sequence of element’s installation order, duration, and delay between each period to create sequenced products for the web animation.

                              The entire concept features two types of animations: transitions and keyframe animations. Transitions in the web browser have been created to animate an element as added or removed from a page. Keyframe animations are for animating a series of elements over time with values that you set with animation classes.

                              Animation CSS artists will create the best animations in their project by animating every element with the same or different time frames. In comparison, transitions and keyframe animations are not compatible with each other. For example, a transition cannot be helpful as a keyframe; they are entirely different animation programming.

                              Animation CSS Example - Moving Shapes

                              Animation CSS is a product of HTML and CSS codebase, which allows interaction with the browser’s scripting API for JavaScript or other plugins. In addition, the cascading style features a complex framework of animation classes that you can modify to make even more powerful animations using custom properties like box-shadow. An element animation example of a custom property and font size is an element animation example of an element in a CSS selector that is not limited to CSS linear properties only.

                              Artists can animate any CSS properties, including any computed values such as RGBA colors, and animation works in all the same places animation does, including transitions. It can even be useful when animation itself is not supported. Animation has a name (which makes it possible to specify or refer to the animation via JavaScript) and a duration, which defines how long the project takes to complete one cycle.

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