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                              Web animation

                              What is Web animation?

                              Almost all web pages now use Web animation. These are small animations that bring two-dimensional objects to life as a user is scrolling through the web page.

                              Web animation is mostly created to catch the attention of the viewers to a certain aspect of the content. It could be a promotional advertisement or something equally entertaining that discusses a product. The main goal is to keep the viewer engaged. Since it has the ability to hold people’s attention, it can be used as an effective mechanism to convey some important information or share an interesting find. Web animation can be created with the help of CSS and JavaScript animation among other platforms.

                              Web animation has various types, and each of them serves a different purpose. For example, the Web animations content creators use while the webpage is loading helps to keep the user engaged with the webpage and stops him from switching windows. Then there’s another type of animation that depicts a story or a complex idea. You can use this method to visualize a tricky concept and make things seem easier for the audience to understand. Take the example of your favorite cartoon character ‘Popeye’, for instance, instead of writing a lengthy paragraph about how Popeye ‘tied water into a knot’, (which the user is bound to skip) an animation can keep them glued to the screen. It is catchy and doesn’t require much effort on the part of your audience.

                              Illustration of web animation

                              That’s not all. The world of Web animation is quite vast. Hence, you’ll find Web animation being used by a majority of websites. As it is not limited to any specific industry, you’ll see it being used on web pages belonging to a variety of topics like real estate, entertainment, sports, medicine, news, etc.

                              Since website designers are putting a lot of focus on animations, it is important to remember that animations shouldn’t be boring. Animators need to make sure they find just the right timing for the duration of the animation. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got yourself an amazing website!

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